Parris Communications Tapped by Smashburger Kansas

Parris Communications Inc.

Parris Communications

Parris Communications Inc. will now be the agency of record for the Smashburger restaurant chain in the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area. The communications firm will be handling the local communications that occur on a daily basis, as well as working on marketing for the “better burger” restaurant.

“Smashburger is excited to partner with Parris Communications for our launch in the greater Kansas City area,” says Smashburger Founder Tom Ryan. “Parris will help us introduce burger lovers on both sides of the state line to our ‘burger magic’.”

Smashburger has been rapidly expanding over the past few months, working to spread their unique fast food across the nation. With Kansas City being the latest city to become home to a Smashburger restaurant, more promotion will be needed to help the restaurant become established.

“We are proud to partner with Smashburger and Areios—two organizations that share our passion and commitment to quality, service and community,” says Laurie Roberts, senior vice president of Parris Communications Inc. “We are confident Smashburger will become our region’s favorite burger.”

They’re confident because the restaurant chain is well known for their fresh Angus beef burgers that are smashed onto the grill and carefully seasoned to create the unique taste that is a Smashburger.

The restaurant also serves Smashdogs, Smashfries and SmashChicken burgers, as well as salads to please all their customers and is also unique as a fast food place in that they serve beer and wine with your meal.

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