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Equifax Breach Puts 143 Million Credit

Equifax breach

Using consumers at risk of identity theft We live in the age of the computer pirate, the hacker, and the security breach. It’s almost becoming pedestrian. Week after week, someone is getting hacked. From big box stores to restaurants to grocery stores to government agencies and political groups. Hacking feels just part of life these […]

Silicon Valley Bigwigs Hit With Sexual Harassment Claims

Silicon Valley bigwigs hit with sexual harassment claims

The Tech industry has long been accused of promoting a “boys club” atmosphere that is both dismissive of and antagonistic to women. Many big names in the industry have fought to dispel this reputation, but now a headline is being spread that brings that negative reputation back to the forefront. This, after venture capitalist Justin […]

AMP Agency Sues MWW PR Group for Unpaid Bills

MWW Public Relations

Agency Facing Countless Lawsuits Alleging They Do Not Pay Vendors Everything-PR can exclusively report that a leading marketing agency, AMP Agency has sued MWWPR, one of the leading independent Public Relations firms in the United States for nearly $290K in unpaid bills in a lawsuit which has been filed in the Supreme Court of the […]

FDA Gets Serious with Whole Foods

Whole Foods has been in a “whole” lot of trouble lately. Repeated public relations issues have the company struggling to fight back as sales fall and the once-impervious wall of faithful shoppers has begun to crumble. Enter another potential crack in the foundation of upscale grocery dominance.

Flint Drinking Water Crisis becomes Big Business in DC

flint water public relations

According to Greenwire, approximately two dozen entities have been lobbying during the first quarter of 2016 regarding the Flint drinking water crisis. These groups include environmental organizations, law firms, unions, children’s health advocates, and infrastructure groups. Their efforts center around legislation on Capitol Hill providing aid to residents of the city and repairing the water […]

Fine Bro’s PR Crisis and YouTube Controversy

Fine Bros

In this age of modern technology innovations where people are able to complete almost any tasks with the click of a mouse button or a few keystrokes on a keyboard, new rules are being made and broken on a daily basis concerning copyright and trademark ownership. The Internet’s Backlash One particular area where modern technology, […]

American Bar Association Wants To Hire A Digital Media Company

american bar association

The American Bar Association (ABA) –one of the world’s largest voluntary professional associations – has issued a request for proposal (RFP) for a digital agency to create a new website. The organization BA wishes to significantly improve its websites, both the content website at and its commerce website at These websites should become […]

PR News Roundup: Lawsuits, Tax Evasion, and PR Success

pr news

Check out the headlines below to see some news we missed from the last week related to the Public Relations industry – here’s some news round ups: Employees File Class Action Lawsuit against the BBG Several workers at the broadcasting institution filed a lawsuit on Monday against the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), an American […]