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PR Challenges in the Digital Age of the Information Flood

2010-08-03 by EPR Staff
Digital Marketing

Let's face it. Today's culture is flooded with information. Information is absolutely everywhere--online, on television, on the radio, in print... To make matters worse, many of us even carry devices around so that we can have fast access to more information. Yes, I'm talking about the IPod 4 and similar mobile devices. We're connected. In fact, as a society we're so connected, that we're disconnected from each other. Social commentators have recently observed the growing trend of texting people in the same room and the trend of ignoring real live people to take part in online socializing. We've got so... Read More >

Convert Hub, A Simple Image Tool for the Future

2010-07-06 by EPR Staff
Convert Hub web variant

Sometimes simple tools can be the most needed and useful ones, especially on the web. I ran across a simple desktop image converter today at Convert Hub, which looks rather simple, but actually offers pretty extraordinary service. I know in our work, converting large numbers of images to one format can be circuitous and cumbersome, but the developer at Convert Hub has provided a super simplified solution to this and other conversion problems. If you work with images online, at all, tools for modifying them, and converting the to various formats are fairly abundant. However, being able to resize, crop,... Read More >

Early Promoted Tweets adopters report encouraging results

2010-05-12 by EPR Staff
twitter everything-pr

When Twitter launched its much hyped advertising program, Promoted Tweets, quite a few big brands signed up and started using the service. Twitter advertising is somewhat similar to Google’s offering of paid search listings in what the way it works is concerned and in less than a month, early adopting companies are reporting quite encouraging results. No matter what you track – speed of sales, clicks, page impressions, this baby advertising project seems to be paying off fast. Virgin America, Red Bull, NBC Universal and many other brands have taken the stage to explain what campaigns they have run and... Read More >

Pain, Needs, Wants, and Marketing

2010-04-27 by EPR Staff
Marketing Concept in Words

Today, I spent a good part of my morning at the dentist's office. As I was lying in the dentist's chair while she prepared me for a crown it occurred to me that most dental work is a type of service that people purchase because having your teeth worked on is far better than the alternatives (getting a toothache, or even possibly losing a tooth). In other words, people go to the dentist for one of several reasons: To keep a problem from happening (preventive care) To fix a problem that has already occurred. To fix something that doesn't look... Read More >

Lady Gaga PR Model, the Ideal Online Strategy for Small Businesses

2010-04-22 by EPR Staff
Lady Gaga PR

Lady Gaga leaves her hotel on Halloween wearing a Japanese inspired outfit and a huge seashell umbrella Regardless of any opinions on Lady Gaga’s looks, fashion choices and singing, I believe her PR and Marketing teams are to be admired and their strategy used where it applies. She used to look rather normal, sing in clubs and have little to no audience. Then the people behind her image created this unusual, never seen before persona for her to use that took her to worldwide stardom in a few short months. She has millions of fans and followers singing her music,... Read More >

Google Versus Facebook, Traffic and Where To Shove It

2010-03-17 by EPR Staff
Google Bird

Facebook is in the news again today having apparently surpassing Google's main search page in traffic, at least for a minute or two. However interesting the news might be however, a lot depends on how we measure traffic, as well as what happens when people arrive at our destinations. Facebook, now in deep to investors to the tune of $716 million, has since its inception 6 years ago still not brought in significant revenue, if any at all. Facebook, regardless of its viability, is one of the most interesting startup companies ever launched. The core value of the platform being... Read More >

Extend Customer Outreach with Press Sites, News Sites and Corporate Blogs

2010-03-08 by EPR Staff
Customer Outreach everything-pr

Corporate sites are not enough, as long as they are static, simply presenting a company and its products, and never actually engaging the visitors. The modern web is interactive, social and connected. Corporate sites are that mandatory online brochure people browser over by choice. But when a visitor wants more (especially the latest news about a company, buzz or other recent information), the best way to provide information is via a press site, a news site or a corporate blog. Still confused? Then let’s define each of the featured concepts. Press Sites: The best press site I can think of... Read More >

WPP Preliminary Results: PR and Public Affairs Down 7%

2010-03-06 by EPR Staff

From wire shopping baskets manufacturer to the world's largest communications services group in terms of revenue in only 16 years sounds like the plot of a business fairy tale, but WPP is the proof that everything is possible. Yet, even giants like this had to face the financial ups and downs of the recession. WPP announced its preliminary results , a year that brought a 7.4% drop in revenue for the group's PR and public affairs branch. But keep in mind that PR and public affairs only account for 9.2% of the total revenue for the Group. The strongest branches,... Read More >

Yidio and TV, Proving the Power of Social Media Users

2010-02-01 by EPR Staff
Yidio everything-pr

Yidio isn't quite synonymous with television. But compared to YouTube or Hulu, it offers a unique potential all the same. As a video-sharing site, Yidio isn't filled with user-generated content, but it relies heavily on its user base nonetheless. Yidio considers itself a social entertainment network, meaning the delivery of premium content is at the core of its product while the emphasis on Yidio's users is key to its execution. The company recently released version 3 of its social entertainment network, giving rise to even more social, sharing features integrated throughout the site. Interactive options on Yidio link users to... Read More >

Bizo’s First Reports of Profit Encourage B2B Marketing

2010-01-12 by EPR Staff

Business-to-business ad network Bizo has reported its first profitable month (December, 2009) and a record-hitting revenue run-rate of $5 million. This is good news for small and large businesses, the Internet advertising market, and web publishers, as it acts as encouraging news for the industry. With a recent round of funding for $6 million, Bizo has been financially validated and enabled to create a database of targeted demographics. This database is what power's Bizo's ability to connect businesses, giving them an environment for networking as well as marketing. As the Internet allows for more web-based businesses, lower overhead has made... Read More >

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