Convert Hub, A Simple Image Tool for the Future

Sometimes simple tools can be the most needed and useful ones, especially on the web. I ran across a simple desktop image converter today at Convert Hub, which looks rather simple, but actually offers pretty extraordinary service. I know in our work, converting large numbers of images to one format can be circuitous and cumbersome, but the developer at Convert Hub has provided a super simplified solution to this and other conversion problems.

If you work with images online, at all, tools for modifying them, and converting the to various formats are fairly abundant. However, being able to resize, crop, and batch convert – at least simply and for free – are not all that common. Photoshop is, of course, very flexible – but ultimately a massive waste of RAM and complicated at the extreme. The developer behind Convert Hub has made a free and a premium tool for doing these task very simply. Not only this, but upcoming features will allow users to convert HTML into PDF format documents. This last aspect being very powerful if you think of the implications.

Convert Hub web variant

The Convert Hub Web variant – super simple

I visited Convert Hub this morning, and tested out the preview mode online. In this variant you can convert and manipulate images from URL, just to see how effective it is. Later, this capability will be added to the down-loadable software too. Like I said, if you use the web for images (for business or pleasure) these capabilities can be invaluable.

Convert Hub is not over the cutting edge now, but the premium version and upcoming ones, will undoubtedly greatly enhance the platform’s value. I tested the download below, as you can see it is drop dead simple to resize and convert any image format. With the inexpensive premium version, you can batch convert who folders and etc.

Convert Hub desktop tool

Convert Hub desktop tool – batch convert – resize – collate

In the previous images, and those below, you can see just how quickly you can convert any number of images by size and extension type. In latter, or more advanced versions, PDF’s from HTML will be possible, among many other features according to veteran web developer Yang Yang (left), whom I spoke with earlier.

Convert Hub image from desktop tool

My Convert Hub image from disk – Jpeg to Gif resized

While Convert Hub is not as elegant as it could be, and not quite as tailored as similar downloads like ImageConverter Plus ($49 single license), the suggested upcoming features actually outweigh those of other similar software. We are all about potential here at Everything PR, so reporting on Convert Hub fits in with progressive thinking there. The simple ability to convert straight from the web, is just one reason to watch this little tool. Online or desktop, this is a great idea, especially if the developer takes it to the next step. We will keep you updated.

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