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OnlyFans Backpeddles on Ban of Adult Content

2021-09-09 by Jade Minh
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Earlier in August popular adult content site, OnlyFans caused public outrage when it announced a new ban on “sexually explicit content.” This ban was to be in effect starting October 1st.  However, on August 25, OnlyFans announced the ban was being suspended. As soon as the announcement about the ban was made, rumors surfaced that the reason behind it was a plan for the company to go public.  However, more information followed, which contradicted those rumors. Why Ban Adult Content? Banks. The simple answer is the banks don’t want to process any payments linked to adult content. This is a... Read More >

Marketing On OnlyFans: How To Market OnlyFans

2020-12-01 by JamesD
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We asked marketers with the rapid growth of OnlyFans, the adult site, how can brands and individuals succeed in marketing there? What are the keys to marketing on OnlyFans?  Matt Bertram, CEO & SEO Strategist at EWR Digital said he believes OnlyFans has untapped potential for open-minded marketers, noting “On OnlyFans you can create videos, photos and other content for a range of niches. The platform is not limited to adult content. OnlyFans is subscription-based which means you charge users a monthly fee to follow your account. You can also create exclusive content to sell to your subscribers.  Selling exclusive content can be very... Read More >