Mexican President Sends PR Team To America

2016-04-19 by EPR Staff
President Enrique Peña Niet

Donald Trump hedges a great deal of his bid for the White House on his stance against illegal immigration. And while people from many cultures around the world migrate illegally to the United States, his primary target in anti-immigration talks centers on Mexicans, who make up the bulk of illegal immigrants in America. This position continues to gain traction in the United States as many Americans believe immigrants are largely to blame for lost jobs, crime, and violence. Trump therefore successfully capitalized on these sentiments to give his campaign – some would say – a winning edge. President Nieto’s Response... Read More >

Despite Bad PR Fracking Rolls On

2016-04-18 by EPR Staff
Oil Fracking 2

A lot of people seem to hate fracking. But the folks who support it and those invested in this technology can’t find time to care. They’re too busy becoming the leader in domestic oil production to bother with naysayers. That may not always be the case, but at the moment, fracking is the energy Cinderella, a technology that has absolutely refined the global energy marketplace. At this point, US Fracking now claims more than half of all U.S. oil output. This is driving domestic oil prices down and making a lot of people very, very wealthy. It’s also making a... Read More >

Trump Getting Buried in the Press by Veterans’ Charities

2016-04-15 by EPR Staff
Donald Trump Stressed

Remember when Donald Trump skipped a debate and held a charity drive for military groups? So does everyone else, and now they are asking who actually got paid. According to Trump’s people, his fundraiser brought in $6 million for various veterans’ charities. Now, according to the Wall Street Journal, less than half of those funds have been dispersed. Initial reporting by Fox Business back in February stated that only a small fraction of the cash had been distributed. Now, that number is up, but not nearly where it should be after several months. At least, that’s the line many news... Read More >

Pope Francis Continues to Walk the Line

2016-04-14 by EPR Staff

For both critics and fans of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis has proven a compelling figure. Opponents cheer every time the pontiff says anything that could be somewhat construed as contradictory to previous church teaching, while church leaders, though obviously not entirely comfortable, have, to date, found ways to connect with his preachments. With each new pronouncement, the pope reignites the firestorm, but this latest statement may just be the tipping point. In what the Associated Press called a “sweeping document on family life,” the pope reportedly opened the door for divorced and remarried Catholics to rejoin the church and... Read More >

Sebring Learns from Flint’s Mistakes

2016-04-01 by EPR Staff
Flint Water Crisis vs Detroit

People from around the world looked on as Flint and its government officials bumbled over a catastrophic health issue. The Flint water crisis would become so serious it caused Governor Snyder to declare a state of emergency, and to turn to the federal government for help. Thankfully, Obama reacted swiftly and provided resources to alleviate a problem that had grown beyond peaceful containment. Recently, Sebring Ohio also experienced a similar problem with lead contamination, creating to its own water crisis. City Manager Richard Giroux did not shuffle his feet and wait for it to blow over. Instead, he ran full... Read More >

Cisco Gets Political – Good or Bad Idea?

2016-03-29 by EPR Staff

Typically, given the split state of things in U.S. politics, companies are extremely circumspect in their support for presidential candidates. After all, unless you REALLY mean it, why alienate half your potential customers? Apparently Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins didn’t get that memo. Instead of staying away from some controversy, he’s wading headlong into it, making sure people know who he chooses NOT to support. Robbins, a well-known Republican, has made it abundantly clear he will not support Donald Trump, even if Trump wins the GOP nomination. In an interview with CNN’s Poppy Harlow, Robbins said he’s leaning toward John Kasich... Read More >

NFL Uses Atlanta’s Super Bowl Bid to Fight Anti-Gay Bill

2016-03-28 by EPR Staff
LGBT Equality Rainbow Colored Flowers

The NFL is better known for counting its dollars and cents than throwing its weight behind humane issues. Over the past few years it showed what many called an inadequate response to issues like domestic abuse, diversity in the leadership group, and the safety of players. Even so, there is one cause the NFL strongly supports: LGBT rights. A bill that could lead to discrimination against the LGBT community awaits either an approval or veto from Governor Nathan Deal. The NFL recently voiced its disapproval of the bill, because if Atlanta wants a Super Bowl then everyone should feel welcome.... Read More >

Ruger Hoping DEM Win Brings Sales Surge

2016-03-21 by EPR Staff
Ruger Firearms

There’s no doubt about it, gun manufacturers like Republicans. More GOPers join the NRA, more GOPers buy guns and more consider themselves responsible gun owners, experienced target shooters and serious collectors. It’s as solid a seller-consumer match as you can find in just about any industry. Right up there with celebrities and wheat grass. So why does Ruger hope a DEM takes the White House in 2016? Because a Democrat win nearly assures the company of a spike in gun sales. Even better – for them – a DEM in the White House is assured of appointing, at least, one,... Read More >

Putin Turns PR Beast against German Chancellor

2016-03-03 by EPR Staff
Putin and German Chancellor

Russia spent the past year or more proving to the world it learned quite a bit from its Cold War days. Not only did it learn to hold its own against another leading power, but it also learned how to use propaganda to its benefit. PR professionals around the world look at Putin’s beast of a PR machine and admire it, if not his agendas. His new use of the beast against German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policies provides more fodder for a growing debate. However, it also creates further tension as European countries struggle to respond to the refugee crisis.... Read More >

The Role of PR in Politics

2016-02-29 by EPR Staff
PR Politics

The use of public relations always existed in politics, throughout history. In old Greece, public speaking became the staple of political life. In Rome, conquerors used rhetoric inspiring men to win wars. In France, revolutionists used the power of influencing the public to overthrow the monarchy. Even in England, Kings and Queens hired playwrights to write pieces showcasing them only as they wished the public to see. This more subtle form of PR remains popular in politics. For example, the current President and First Lady spend a lot of time working with popular media outlets to stay in touch with... Read More >

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