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Corporate PR: American Express Launches Daily Wish PR Campaign

2010-11-23 by EPR Staff
American Express DAily Wish PR campaign

Another brilliant Black Friday marketing strategy this year comes from American Express that announced today its special holiday sales and Wish-A-Day Giveaway sweepstakes. American Express card members will find these special offers at Daily Wish, an online marketplace filled with limited-time sales and the season’s most coveted items from the hottest brands at deep discounts. In addition, this year’s first-ever Wish-A-Day Giveaway sweepstakes leverages social media channels to give entrants the chance to win valuable prizes. Discounts begin Black Friday 2010 through Thursday, Dec. 16, when Daily Wish will feature sales with deep discounts on desirable gifts, such as flat-screen... Read More >

PR Review: Using InfluenceFinder to Power a PR Campaign

2010-10-04 by EPR Staff
influencefinder screenshot

InfluenceFinder is a new SEO tool (more precisely a link analysis tool), already reviewed and recommended by the most credible experts, including Aaron Wall,  WordStream's Ken Lyons, and others. Reviewing an SEO tool as a PR tool could appear inappropriate for those who don't understand the nature of our jobs - the truth is that online, PR and SEO are playing for the same team. In fact, it's safe to say that a PR campaign without SEO benefits is like going fishing and coming back empty-handed. Remember that the main role of a PR is to tell a story about... Read More >

Brand PR: Mark Ronson in Newly Launched Amex Interactive Campaign

2010-09-17 by EPR Staff
Mark Ronson Public Relations

American Express’ new interactive campaign, ‘My Live Story‘, has just been launched. One of the credit card company’s largest interactive campaigns to date, ‘My Live Story’ stars DJ, producer and recording artist Mark Ronson. According to American Express, the new campaign was designed to “uncover the UK’s best music experiences – the memorable stories behind the shows, in celebration of American Express’ involvement in live music and its award-winning ‘Preferred Seating’ program launched last year”. ‘My Live Story’, prompts consumers to celebrate their favorite live music moments by sharing photos or videos showcasing their most treasured musical experiences. The campaign... Read More >

Are Traditional Malls Dying Out?

2010-08-24 by EPR Staff
traditional shopping mall

Growing up, going to the mall was always a treat. Typically, my parents took us twice a year--once to get school clothes and once to get summer clothes. After we had picked out what we needed, our parents took us to one of several restaurants attached to the mall for lunch, or we ate in the food court. When I grew older, the mall was a great place for me and my best friend to go to spend the money we earned from our after school jobs. I remember trying on outfit after outfit before choosing the right one. Or,... Read More >

PR Success Stories: Chiquita Banana Press Release Campaign by Zenzi Communications

2010-08-05 by EPR Staff
chiquita banana

Zenzi Communications is working with Chiquita on a PR campaign that promotes Chiquita Banana Sticker Design Contest. The contest that ran between June 21, 2010 and July 18, 2010, invited consumers to visit and put their own spin on the company's iconic brand image. The purpose of the campaign, was: "to encourage consumers to interact with the Chiquita brand and make the brand their own." - as Judy Chen, Corporate Marketing Group Leader at Chiquita, stated in the official press release. It's this press release we will be discussing today, in the pilot of the PR Success Stories: The... Read More >

Malware City – Fighting the Villains of the Online World

2010-06-23 by EPR Staff
malware image everything-pr

When it comes to social media campaigns in general and business blogging in particular, coming up with something new becomes ever more tougher as the adoption of new channels increases. If a corporate blog, authored by a company CEO or dedicated to a product, use to be trendy and new a few years ago, not having a blog has become the exception in more recent times. Tones, angles, designs, they have all been tested and adapted to better suit the real purpose of all marketing and PR – sell more. And this sell more includes increasing a brand’s popularity, getting... Read More >

Does Your PR Agency Need a Community Manager?

2010-06-22 by EPR Staff
community Manager

According to a post by Jack Neff at Advertising Age, the Community Manager position is hot right now. Many companies are hiring or have recently hired community managers to manage their social brands. In fact, the list of companies with community managers from Neff's article reads like a partial Who's Who of today's corporate world. It includes: Walt Disney Company Allstate Office Depot Citibank Vonage My own quick search (through Google) for community manager positions yielded a fairly large number of recent openings for the community manager position including one for a real estate investment firm, a top tier technology... Read More >

BP Behind Hype – The True Meaning of an Aggressive PR Campaign

2010-05-17 by EPR Staff
BP Oil Spill Public Relations

We told you earlier this month that PR giant Brunswick Group will handle British Petroleum’s PR strategies in the months to come. What we didn't give you at the time is the true meaning of this marriage made in heaven. British Petroleum has never accepted responsibility for the accident that is practically killing the Gulf. "This wasn't our accident. This was a drilling rig operated by another company [TransOcean]. It was their people. Their systems. Their processes. We are responsible not for the accident, but we are responsible for the oil, and for dealing with it and cleaning the situation... Read More >

Brunswick Group to Clean Up BP Reputation with Aggressive PR Campaign

2010-05-11 by EPR Staff
Brunswick Group Communications

PR giant Brunswick Group will handle British Petroleum's PR strategies in the months to come, Politico reports. The publication describes the future campaign as "aggressive." For BP's sake, I can only hope that Politico just used a figure of speech. British Petroleum is in no position for aggressive PR campaigns. What they need is a advocate/relationship management type of approach, and as much transparency as possible for a company in their position. So far, BP's response to questions regarding the massive Gulf oil spill they caused was vague, and lacked transparency. Hopefully Brunswick Group will have the common sense to advise... Read More >

Horizon Media Chosen as Agency of Record

2009-11-24 by EPR Staff
Horizon Media

Horizon Media is now in the position of agency of record for Crown Imports. The media services company will be responsible for taking on all media planning for Crown Imports. They will also handle all buying business for the company's range of alcoholic drinks. "We are thrilled to be working with a brand that has an incredibly strong heritage," added Zach Rosenberg, EVP and general manager, Horizon Media, Inc. "We look forward to leveraging Horizon's creativity and innovation to help raise the bar even higher." With Horizon Media's aid, Crown imports hopes to increase brand recognition and increase sales for... Read More >

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