Clarus Communications Takes on PR for Schneider Corp.

2009-10-24 by EPR Staff
Clarus Communications

The Schneider Corporation has recently selected Clarus Communications to run their public relations campaign. The Schneider Corporation is a company that utilizes architecture, engineering, surveying and GIS (Geographic Information Services) to offer their clients carefully thought out solutions using technology. Clarus will be taking on the responsibility of the public and media relations for the company. The PR firm has won four prestigious PR awards, including the 2009 Hoosier PRSA Pinnacle Award this year. They pride themselves on offering quality public relations and on building relationships with the media for each client. "As an agency built solidly on the relationships... Read More >

Breast Cancer Awareness: Sparing a Little Media for Men

2009-10-23 by EPR Staff

When you think of breast cancer, chances are you think of menopausal women. While we've already addressed the fact that there needs to be a focus on younger women, as well, since they too can be at risk for cancer, another demographic that is completely ignored even during Breast Cancer Awareness Month is men. While men don't have breasts as a woman does, there is still breast tissue under those hard (or not so hard) pecs. And where there is breast tissue, there can be breast cancer. This is an issue that is all but forgotten in our focus on... Read More >

Using Social Media to Beat Cancer

2009-10-17 by EPR Staff
Using Social Media Better

We've been seeing a lot of campaigns to promote breast cancer awareness this month, but here's a fairly new one . . . #beatcancer. Today, the hashtag has hit the top trends on Twitter, with everyone tweeting about cancer, breast cancer being the obvious focal point for some. The campaign was instigated by Beat Cancer Everywhere, a site that works to raise money for breast cancer research. They intend to set a Guiness World Record for the distribution of the largest mass message through social media within 24 hours. At the time of this writing there are still just over... Read More >

When Breast Cancer Pink is a Scam

2009-10-14 by EPR Staff
Pink Breast Cancer Marketing

You want to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so on your next trip to the grocery store, you opt for the toilet paper or the bottle of bleach that comes with a pink ribbon. Even if it's a little more, it's all for a good cause, right? Wrong. What many people don't realize is that some companies are exploiting the pink ribbon for marketing purposes. They know that October is when everyone will be thinking about supporting breast cancer research and they place that pink ribbon on their products. Yes, it's a manner of promoting awareness, but don't throw away... Read More >

Liz Claman of Fox Business Network Defines Business Sexy

2009-10-02 by EPR Staff
claman clevage

There seems to be no end to terms to describe everything these days from Google trends to messages on Twitter. But Business Sexy? Anchor lady Liz Claman uses this term to describe was has become accepted as her ability to "look the part" daily on Fox's afternoon news programming. When asked about her inate ability to look good in front of the camera, Claman was forthcoming about her idea of being attractive without distracting the viewers from the news. Claman began working for CNBC in 1998, and subsequently "made it" on the Fox business scene with a successful interview with... Read More >

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