Liz Claman of Fox Business Network Defines Business Sexy

Liz Claman

There seems to be no end to terms to describe everything these days from Google trends to messages on Twitter. But Business Sexy? Anchor lady Liz Claman uses this term to describe was has become accepted as her ability to “look the part” daily on Fox’s afternoon news programming. When asked about her inate ability to look good in front of the camera, Claman was forthcoming about her idea of being attractive without distracting the viewers from the news.

Liz Claman of Fox Business Network Defines Business SexyClaman began working for CNBC in 1998, and subsequently “made it” on the Fox business scene with a successful interview with Warren Buffett in 2007. Judging from what we have seen of Liz, and the buzz going about concerning her looks, it appears she has gotten the art of being camera friendly down to a science. Below Claman talks with Buffett about charity lunches and this and that.

With regard to “the formula” showing some leg, cleavage and wearing tight fitting sweaters for a woman with a figure seems more like something to look at than talk about as if women in news could learn something here. Regardless of her good looks (or maybe because of them) big time business people seem to like to talk to Liz. She is rapidly becoming one of Fox News’ best assets. Maybe Fox can learn to become “business sexy” too?

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