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Kwittken Company

No one is immune to it, not even the best of the best. But we prefer to see things with a smile today. If “word of mouth” applies for traditional marketing, why should we call it the same online? Kwittken and Company’s small error on the corporate site could actually pass for a creative license if we think about it… It cannot be “word of mouth” online, (unless we count video and podcasts). It has to be “word of mouse” – it certainly sounds better than “word of keyboard.” So “word of mouse” could be a new term to describe social media buzz…

The pearl can be found on Kwittken’s Consumer Lifestyle & Luxury Marketing page, where the company states that:

Kwittken & Company orchestrates opportunities for brands to become an interesting and relevant part of everyday conversation among consumers through:

  • Media placements & publicity
  • Celebrity influence
  • Events/sponsorships/partnerships
  • Product seeding/promotions/placements
  • Word of mouth/buzz
  • Word of mouse/viral/blogging/social networks


Kwittken PR If you click to enlarge the image on the left, things will become pretty apparent. Believe it or not, I am on Kwittken’s side. Sure, the “word of mouse” instance is an error in this case, but it’s sweet and innocent and not indicative of the company’s value.

Kwittken & Co. is a company that won numerous awards – its CEO Aaron Kwittken writes monthly a column for Entrepreneur and the company’s President Jason Schlossberg is featured by AdAge and others.

You see, when I first read the “word of mouse” instance I laughed and said to myself “damn, and they dare to offer editorial services?” But then I read more about the company. I read the featured articles and I saw a brilliant team at work.

The moral of the story is: don’t judge the value of a company (or writer) by typos. Look for the value of the ideas instead.

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