Integrating Diversity into the Company

company diversity

Although protests following the videotaped death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer are decreasing, there’s still much discussion in communities not just about justice, but also the need for inclusion, diversity, and racial equity. Some brands were quick to publicly state their position on one or more of these topics, […]

PR Predictions From SPM Communications, Marketing Maven & More…

Everything-PR continues our round-up stories of speaking to industry experts on the future of PR. Here are some thoughts and feedback: “The pandemic has already refocused the PR industry – the future is here. While I would never say that this devastating global event is “helping” any industry, I believe this is the best time in […]

Q & A With M & O Marketing

For finance professionals who wish to elevate themselves from their competitors, public relations is the answer. M&O Marketing has spent years building relationships with trusted reporters and outlets to streamline the process of earning features and building credibility.  The following is a Q & A with their senior leadership.  Why do financial professionals need public […]

Interview with Michael Umansky, Co-Founder, INK

“Content Performance Optimization,” what is it and why is it essential to the role of public relations? MU: Optimization for web content does not mean we have to lose tone, voice, feel and branding. Because “too much” SEO can tend to feel robotic, we at INK knew a change was needed. We believed there had […]

How is the workplace changing and why?

The workplace is changing at a vast pace, especially due to the recent COVID19 outbreak, and during this time three main changing factors have been identified: 1.The fourth industrial revolution and the technological advancements: These advances are mainly focused on automation and AI. Undoubtedly, automation of repetitive jobs could allow us, humans to focus on […]

Get ink, Fresh Pressed PR and Others Opine on PR’s Future

In these crazy times, many experts have what to say on what the future of public relations looks like.  Here are the thoughts from some industry leaders. Mirjam Lippuner from Get ink said, “The future of PR is a more back-to-basics approach. During the pandemic we’ve all had time to think about what is essential to […]

Why You Should Add a Virtual Event to Your PR Toolkit

With most US cities starting to re-open, large gatherings are still on hold for the foreseeable future. For many PR and marketing professionals this means rethinking their press and consumers events to stay relevant and continue raising awareness for their brands.  Everything-PR spoke with Maria Maddox, Head of PR for Premium Division at Amorepacific US, […]

Digital Literacy for Dummies

Digital Marketing

Shelter-in-place orders have pushed the global digital revolution into overdrive, and marketers are at the forefront of this change: as digital media has become the only customer-facing channel for communications for most brands, digital literacy has never been more important.  Also known as media literacy, digital literacy is far from a new or novel concept. […]

China’s Handling of its PR Crisis

China, the most populated country in the world has been experiencing a backlash from some western countries over its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. There has been a lack of trust with the official numbers that have come out of the country, and there has also been plenty of criticism over the country’s alleged withdrawal […]

How Important is PR for a Crowdfunding Campaign?

There are plenty of popular products or services that people are using, that all started with an idea and a very successful crowdfunding campaign. In order to achieve that same success, it’s not enough to set up an account on any crowdfunding platform, upload everything and then check back on how it’s doing a few […]