Getting More Leads

Getting More Leads The pandemic taught marketers many things. One that stood out for B2B marketers is the importance of digital ads, particularly since face-to-face contact had been eliminated as an option. After pay-per-click on platforms like Google ads, digital advertising is the next logical … [Read more...]

Communications Strategy Group of the Rocky Mountains

Denver, Colorado and the Rocky Mountains have many known attractions, but one that may have slipped under the radar is Communications Strategy Group or CSG. In 2016, it was named one of the “Top 10 Best Workplaces in Advertising & Marketing” by Fortune Magazine. CSG had already been named “Best … [Read more...]

What Is Buyer Persona?


Buyer persona is to marketing, what sewing patterns and costume design are to the fashion conscious. The mutual aim of all is in customizing their products to fit customers’ desires and interests. Other terms like marketing persona, user persona, and customer persona have also been used and mean … [Read more...]

Integrating Diversity into the Company

company diversity

Although protests following the videotaped death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer are decreasing, there’s still much discussion in communities not just about justice, but also the need for inclusion, diversity, and racial equity. Some brands were quick to publicly state … [Read more...]

Q & A With M & O Marketing

Q & A With M & O Marketing For finance professionals who wish to elevate themselves from their competitors, public relations is the answer. M&O Marketing has spent years building relationships with trusted reporters and outlets to streamline the process of earning features and … [Read more...]

Interview with Michael Umansky, Co-Founder, INK

Interview with Michael Umansky, Co-Founder, INK “Content Performance Optimization,” what is it and why is it essential to the role of public relations? MU: Optimization for web content does not mean we have to lose tone, voice, feel and branding. Because “too much” SEO can tend to feel … [Read more...]

How is the workplace changing and why?

The workplace is changing at a vast pace, especially due to the recent COVID19 outbreak, and during this time three main changing factors have been identified: 1.The fourth industrial revolution and the technological advancements: These advances are mainly focused on automation and AI. … [Read more...]