Effective Outdoor PR Strategies

A lot of people seem to think that with the prevalence of digital marketing efforts the potential of outdoor marketing efforts has been steadily diminishing. However, it’s important to remember that a lot of people still spend big chunks of their days outside of their own homes, which means this is a great time for companies to grab their attention. Thus, companies can invest in outdoor advertising efforts because no one can ignore big billboards and other types of outdoor marketing efforts.


Any advertising efforts that are displayed on public transport such as trains, buses, or subways, or even in public transport areas like bus stations or airports, is transport advertising. These types of ads have the option to be directly attached to vehicles in the form of bus decals for example or to show up in the form of live boards or posters around the waiting areas in stations or platforms. Then, whenever people are waiting for their ride, companies have the opportunity to grab their attention. The main goal of this type of advertising effort is to consistently show a company’s ads in front of commuters and get them to start recognizing the branding of the business a lot more.


For quite a few years, in the artistic and political industries, stickers had very important roles because they tend to be long-lasting and quite cost-effective. Musicians, artists, and politicians have all used stickers in some form as a way to promote themselves and generate more visibility with their audiences. However, this type of promotional strategy isn’t considered too often by companies, yet it’s a great choice for many reasons, with one of them being the fact that they provide companies with a form of permanence. Since stickers are physical, they’re different from digital items potential consumers can get like free eBooks or wallpapers, which means consumers are a lot more likely to remember them for longer periods of time. Another reason why sticker promotion is so effective is that most consumers love getting free things, even if that thing is something as simple as a sticker. Companies can use sticker promotional efforts to turn some of their past consumers into brand advocates. That’s because whenever a past consumer uses a company’s branded sticker on their water bottle, laptop, or anything else they own, the company receives an additional free promotion from that consumer. As long as the company’s stickers aren’t just the logo of the business and are a bit more creative in what they display, companies can get a lot more consumers showing off their stickers on their personal belongings and promoting the company in turn.

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