Are Companies Going Too Far with Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

2009-10-03 by EPR Staff
Breast cancer products

Everywhere you look this month, there is pink. From the original pink ribbons that were designed to impress on people the importance of being aware of breast cancer to products that companies roll out just for this month, the cause has grown into something that many deem inappropriate. Recently on SFGate, Heidi Benson wrote an article titled "Pinklash!" It looks at why some people feel that companies are going just a little too far with the whole Breast Cancer Awareness business. Many feel that this is just another PR tool and that no one in big business really cares about... Read More >

Environics Communications: Launches Sustainability and Clean Energy

2009-01-07 by EPR Staff
Environics Communications

North American public relations agency Environics Communications has launched a new practice. Sustainability and Clean Energy practice will be led by Frank Walter. The practice will provide public relations counsel to environment aware customers who market alternative sources of clean energy for consumers and industry. Clients list includes CSA International, Electric Drive Transportation Association, Chevrolet Volt electric car, Xerox and many others. The agency has worked intensively with companies and nonprofits on recycling and packaging programs; foresting and wildlife preservation; wind energy, alternative energy sources; sustainable energy planning; and clean technology programs. Last but not least, Environics was the first... Read More >

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