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What Is the State of Media Today?

The state of media today is a matter of opinion for some, though a recent report from Vocus shows a picture of ongoing decline. Particularly in the traditional media sector, the state of media...

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Will TV Die in the Future?

Current trends for broadcast television aren’t looking too good for 2010. With new technology always on the horizon, and improved methods for quicker implementation, the possibility of broadcasters to finally make a shift into...

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Music PR: U2’s Bono and Self Aggrandizement

U2 lead singer Bono thinks downloading U2 music illegally is as bad as online child pornography. In an article for the New York Times Bono compares illegal downloads to the evils of child porn suggesting federal authorities track down U2 revenue as diligently as arresting child pornographers. What a guy! If his artistic passion were expressed so eloquently, it is doubtful anyone would download a song of his.

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Santa Claus Has the Best PR Agent of All

Santa Claus must have the best PR agent of anyone. Look at it this way, the jolly gentleman has been gracing holiday seasons for over 1600 years. What other celebrity can boast that kind of staying power? Why do you think that the Santa story has endured for so long?

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Ideal Beauty as a Social Statement

A recent study shows that ideal beauty can be a matter of millimeters when it comes to facial symmetry and features. While the importance of facial symmetry has been known for some time, a...