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Ideal Beauty as a Social Statement

A recent study shows that ideal beauty can be a matter of millimeters when it comes to facial symmetry and features. While the importance of facial symmetry has been known for some time, a...

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The Coming Backlash of Facebook Privacy

Our lifestyles are quite public in this day and age. We post photos from the most mundane activities on Facebook, sharing photos from our mobile phones without a second thought. We write blog posts,...

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Does Gender Matter in PR?

James Chartrand made a shocking confession this morning that has people wondering . . . is gender more of an issue than we thought?

good guide

GoodGuide’s Tests and Hypocrisy

If GoodGuide is really committed to its cause, than there should be no “Buy Now” buttons on product listings with low ratings. Otherwise, an action like rating low a popular Christmas toy would translate for many as a PR stunt.

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Speyside Corporate Relations Opens South America

Speyside CR, is by extension a tested and refined corporate communications giant. Co-founders Alistair McLeish and Ian Herbison announced the opening of the company’s offices in San Paulo, Brazil. In a conversation with Herbison, Everything PR News gleaned a window into the vision of two of the most successful corporate communicators in the world. These former top executives for MmD (Eastern Europe’s most powerful PR entity) are now engaging South America with the same patented approach to corporate business and collaboration.

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Corporate Abuse of Facebook Photos Gets Employees in Trouble

Living a life that’s full, posting it to Facebook, and having it come back and bite you may seem like part of the game, but for some like Nathalie Blanchard, a sanctified Facebook might be a better choice. Getting busted by your employer because of your online photos seems somehow invasive. But then, posting one’s self all over the world does seem blatantly obtuse. What are the limits of liability and feasibility for handling personal data and content? Is it proper to stalk people across the web, or does being “social” come with its pitfalls?