Music PR: U2’s Bono and Self Aggrandizement

U2 Bono Music PR

Bono’s reality may be skewed according to an article he wrote for the New York Times. U2’s lead singer’s article compared the illegal downloading of music to the perils of online child pornography in what amounted to a rant over file sharing and his evidently inestimable worth. Comparing illegal downloads to child porn being the moral equivalent of comparing killing a germ as opposed to slaughtering the immortal soul. Bono could use a good PR company, the one he has does not have good leashes evidently.

Most reporters are relatively scathing in their reporting of Bono’s “bone headed” assertions, but maybe not scathing enough. According to Bono’s warped sense of justice, if federal agents can track down child pornographers they should be able to increase his and his band’s revenue stream by snuffing out illegal downloads. At least that is the way his brash statements appear.

For someone so blessed with tangible wealth Bono appears to be the personification of what is wrong with celebrity these days here. In the South there is an old saying; “too big for his britches,” which certainly applies here. A well deserved PR Goofy goes out to Bobo, but we should create a special bone head award just for this instance if for nothing more than insensitivity.

Maybe Bono would as soon his music was never downloaded legally or illegally? The end of that tale would be just deserts. In any event, don’t look for any sincerity of artistic passion from an artist who would suggest such a trespass. What a prince of a guy.

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