New Can Designs for Coca Cola

2022-02-28 by EPR Staff
New Can Designs for Coca Cola

Packaging is an important marketing tool that can be used as a medium to promote brand loyalty.Companies often reinvent their product packaging. Shifts in demand can cause a company to reevaluate its existing packaging and plan for future options. With accurate insight into business practices, brand redesigns can highlight what worked in the past. Packaging according to flavor Coca-Cola has decided to give its cans a total makeover. It has revealed new brand packaging across its entire range of drinks, along with a brand new flavor, Mocha. The packaging of flavored products and their zero-sugar counterparts will be redesigned. The... Read More >

The Role of Business Schools in Climate Crisis Resolution

2022-02-28 by EPR Staff
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Business schools and business leadership programs have a big role to play in addressing the climate crisis. They have senior and well-informed faculties with direct links to executive positions in industry, and their schools can therefore work with those with the power and influence to solve real-world problems. There is also a rising student interest in the topic that creates a good opportunity for these business schools. How Schools can help solve the crisis Business schools today have a significant role to play in addressing the crisis of global warming. Below are some principles for business schools and other organizations... Read More >

Australia’s Aging and Disability Care Sector Crisis

2022-02-27 by EPR Staff

The aging/disability sector is currently under a not-so-publicized crisis, as there appears to be a shortage in the number of workers required to care for the elderly. As a result of this, nearly a quarter, or the equivalent of about 140,000 aged care shifts in the country, fails to get filled every week. The sector appears to be experiencing a loss of required workers despite the Australiangovernment’s intervention in the form of $400 bonuses promised to workers.  The government’s intervention was intended to address the shortage of workers in the sector, but this has only led to calls for the... Read More >

Brands That Drive Gender Equality Forward

2022-02-25 by EPR Staff
Does Gender Matter everything-pr

Quite a few brands have female-focused initiatives that empower women leaders.While Some brands fail to support women in their boardrooms and factories, others tackle gender inequality well. Some organizations prioritize equality. A company that promotes gender equality will be positively received. Women make the majority of household purchasing decisions, and hence, gender equality makes good business sense. The brands mentioned below have taken action to end gender disparity in the workplace. Gap Gap is not only a great place to work for all genders,but they practice and promote gender equality in all aspects of their business. They have partnered with... Read More >

Potato milk is the next big thing

2022-02-24 by EPR Staff
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If reports and surveys are to be believed, the milk derived from potatoes is going to be the next big thing in the year 2022. A lot of people have stopped using animal-derived milk for a variety of reasons. Some of them are unable to drink dairy milk due to allergies or lactose intolerance. Others follow a vegan diet and have an ethical issue with the consumption of animal products. As a result, a range of non-dairy substitutes are now available. While almond, soy, oat, and cashew milk are now the most popular, potato milk, a new addition, may appear... Read More >

Best cryptocurrency bets for 2022

2022-02-23 by EPR Staff
best altcoin 2022

Governments and banks are still coming to terms with the enormity of digital assets. Bitcoin is still 60.40% above other assets including gold and real estate. There are over 16,000 digital assets in existence, with an ever-expanding field of offerings. It can be difficult navigating through so many options. Given below are the best cryptocurrencies to consider. Bitcoin Bitcoin is expected to maintain its value in the future. Bitcoin’s history as an asset has been turbulent. It has gone through several cycles of rise and fall over its relatively short lifespan. It has inspired a host of other currencies in... Read More >

Innovative learning in business schools during the pandemic

2022-02-22 by EPR Staff
Harvard Business School Baker Library

Quite a few business schools are prepared for the uncertainty that is likely to characterize the coming months due to the pandemic. Some schools have adapted well to the new demands and requirements, and some have managed to use the pandemic as a springboard to think of innovations about the future of education. New trends in learning and teaching are becoming popular, driven in part by the pandemic as well as technological innovation. Given below are some current trends that will make the process of learning at a business school more seamless than before. New teaching model The new teaching... Read More >

PR Lessons from Bill Gates

2022-02-13 by EPR Staff
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In the early days of Microsoft, Bill Gates and his company were under attack by several skeptics who believed that home computers would never catch on with the general public. These skeptics were often quoted in the media, and it seemed they had a lot of influence over prospective customers. Rather than letting the skeptics bother him, Bill Gates came up with a brilliant solution. He invited the four most influential critics to Seattle for a tour of Microsoft and a chance to spend time with Gates himself. The critics agreed, and once they arrived at Microsoft's headquarters, each one... Read More >

Keyword Clustering in SEO

2022-01-15 by EPR Staff
Topic Clusters They Can Boost Your SEO and Content Marketing

In the last few years, Google’s team of engineers has focused on natural language processing and developing a better understanding of how content on a page interrelates with it. With the help of neural matching the search engine can understand synonyms, which means with every update, users can use more literary terms for search queries. However, despite the search engine improving, most website owners tend to optimize their pages with a handful of keywords in mind. That’s an outdated practice, especially with the knowledge that landing pages tend to rank for hundreds of keywords in search engines. With Google continuously... Read More >

NFT business ideas for SME

2022-01-12 by EPR Staff
Blockchain Technology Information Blocks Disgital Global Network Database News

A virtual world of interactions and transactions is driving the need for new technologies and platforms. Many entrepreneurs are realizing the value of NFTs and how NFTs are attracting cash. Nowadays, with NFTs being everywhere, they are perfectly suited to benefit small businesses as well. As NFTs exist on a blockchain that makes transactions secure, they cannot be substituted with a fake. They can always be traced back to the original owner or creator. With their digital permanence being an added advantage, given below are the ways by which NFT technology can help SMEs grow and retain customers. 1) Customer... Read More >

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