Top 10 Most Expensive NFTs

2021-05-26 by Julio Juarez

Non Fungible Tokens are digital items that have a particular value depending on their uniqueness. They could be portraits, videos, GIFs, and many other formats. Since NFTs are outstanding data components on a blockchain, they are not synonymous with each other. Below is a review of the most costly NFTs, in descending order of value. 1.   Everydays- The First 5000 Days Christie's auction house traded a collection of Beeple's artwork that he created daily since May 2007. When you consider the individual pieces of art, they differ in style and subject matter, but as a combined unit of 5,000 paintings,... Read More >

Communications Lessons From The Suez Canal’s Blockage

2021-05-24 by JamesD
Ships Suez Canal Egypt world shipping lanes

Last month the Suez Canal, which is a waterway that connects Europe and Asia, ended up blocked by a cargo ship for an extended period of time. This situation made for plenty of crisis communications lessons for business leaders who were following the event closely. The biggest lesson is the steps businesses should take immediately after a crisis to prevent a similar situation from happening again. In fact, that's precisely what the officials of the Suez Canal started doing in the aftermath of the canal blockage, which lasted for nearly a week. The artificial waterway in Egypt is now to... Read More >

“Ask, and It will be Given to You”

2021-05-12 by JamesD
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This immortal biblical verse from Matthew the Apostle epitomizes what astute leaders of today did to maintain their success throughout the pandemic. Ocean Spray was one such success story and has chalked up several successes. It demonstrated that user generated content (UGC) can positively improve revenue and improve content production by asking and knowing when and where their loyal customers were talking about them and then responding to that with meaningful and memorable actions. The first action occurred when Ocean Spray redirected its focus from newly planned product launches to placing people, community and care first. Doing so led to... Read More >

Embracing Visual Imagery in Campaigns

2021-05-11 by JamesD

Social media platforms can change at a rapid pace, and this is especially visible with some of the newer platforms, such as Instagram or TikTok. Specifically, these two platforms have been seeing a lot more authenticity and a lot less sophistication, which has led to a great surge in sharing content such as memes. This is a type of social media content that’s typically humorous and is rapidly copied and shared in digital communities with different variations. However, it’s not just regular people that have embraced sharing memes and humorous content on social media, it’s influencers and brands too. With... Read More >

Building a Conscious Business

2021-04-19 by Jim Crickell
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Beyond simply getting profits, plenty of business owners start out with another clear purpose and values that accompany the main purpose, especially when it comes to making any business decisions. As people are constantly changing and evolving, it’s normal for business owners and their companies to want to have their organizations exist in a similar manner. Put simply, conscious businesses are those that are able to build profit through values, according to Fred Kofman, the leadership development advisor at Google. This notion signals the change of companies - instead of companies largely focusing on making the most profits possible, they’ve... Read More >

Agency Diversity Efforts: Are They Working?

2021-04-14 by JamesD
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Like many companies and brands, ad agencies, too, responded to events of last year and called for diversity and inclusion with various initiatives. Agencies were probably driven to act more quickly after the CEO of The Richards Group made what even many of his staff felt were racist remarks during a staff meeting. As reported in an earlier article, many of the agency’s large clients and staff members left following that incident. One agency that reacted quickly was the Publicis Groupe UK. It committed 45 million pounds last summer to launch Embrace Change, a program aimed at fostering diversity, inclusion,... Read More >

Seeking a Leader

2021-04-13 by JamesD
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One of the marketing strategies that rose sharply during the pandemic was the use of influencers particularly if it helped consumers cope or if it entertained them. How-to tutorials ranked highest among U.S. and UK respondents in a May 2020 survey of what they wanted to see more of in influencers. A 40% told eMarketer that this was their top wish. Memes or funny content followed with 37% and short-form videos at 33%. What also grew was the use of influencer whitelisting, a contractual agreement between an influencer and a brand in which the brand is given access to the... Read More >

Diversity and the Changing Colors

2021-04-12 by Jim Crickell
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When the first millennials were born in 1980, the census bureau reported that about a fourth of all census tracts in the US. were nearly exclusively white. Fast forward to 2045 when the Brookings Institute forecasts that minority groups will collectively make up more than half the U.S. population. And if others like the LGBT community, handicapped, learning disabled, etc. were included, that date could move up even earlier. This revelation, as well as diversity and inclusion (D&I) movements and heightened consciousness among millennials and Gen Z, gained much momentum among many companies in 2020. There are no signs of... Read More >

Voice Technology Matters

2021-04-08 by Jim Crickell

When American fantasy writer Brandon Sanderson said, “What was the point of a little voice? Weren’t voices for being heard?,” he may not have had voice technology like Google Assistant in mind, which this year has already been installed in over a billion devices and climbing. But his quote sure sounds fitting. made that startling revelation earlier this year at the Voice Global Conference, held virtually because of the pandemic. The firm also ranked the numerous other voice assistants. Apple’s Siri came in second.  Why the popularity?  Blame COVID-19, but also credit improvements in voice recognition accuracy. A Pew... Read More >

Mastering Crisis Communications

2021-04-04 by JamesD

Crisis situations are inevitable, both for bigger and smaller companies, but the main thing that can change a company’s outlook during such a situation is how it will handle the crisis itself and communicate with its customers.  For example, a few years ago, when Samsung released its newest smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7, people on social media started talking about how some of the devices caught on fire, which led to Samsung recalling over 2 million of the smartphones and citing faulty batteries as the cause of the entire situation. Unfortunately, the company’s explanation behind the issue arrived three months... Read More >

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