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To showcase designs and projects for interior spaces, to a targeted audience, PR is crucial. PR can make a big difference and be a game-changer for a business. Since PR involves media coverage, it can help to build a positive reputation for a business. It can increase the credibility of a business and attract new clients. Given below are PR tips that can help to foster the growth of an interior design business.

Develop the brand – As in any other business, it is important to build a strong brand identity for an interior design business. Building a brand includes packaging, perception of quality, customer service, and taking a stand on social issues. All the elements mentioned together build a strong brand identity. Incorporating a design philosophy that seems relevant to the target audience is also important. For instance, Ikea seems to be a fun and quirky brand, as over the years their brand storytelling has been extremely successful.

Use professional photos – The design projects of a business should be professionally photographed. On the company website, only professional photographs should be used, as this can result in more business. These days, a lot of magazines work on restricted budgets, and they may not reshoot projects. In that case, they will only use submitted photos. Hence there should be enough superior quality images that would be used in stories in magazines. Having 30 – 40 photos of a project is usually a safe number.

Identify the target audience – Companies collect data as they care for the shopping trends of their target audience. A business has to know what catches the attention of its target audience. Human beings are unpredictable and this makes the job of any business owner difficult. Not being able to identify the target market will lead to a lot of unsuccessful guesswork. Segmenting the target market on the basis of demographics such as age, gender, level of education, occupation, gender, and income level can be a good start.

Use press releases –  A press release results in exposure for an interior design project. A well-crafted press release makes a journalist’s work easier. A proper press release helps a journalist to discern a tool that they may use from numerous cold pitches that they receive all the time. An effective press release should have a proper description of a project and include keywords. Professional photographs are also a key element. It should be brief with a maximum of 500 words and include contact information and social media handles.

Own a professional website – A website is an important selling point for any business. It is the billboard of a business. An interior design website should include a design portfolio that defines the outlook of a firm toward interior design. The portfolio should include completed projects as that might influence potential customers. The blog content of the website should demonstrate creativity in words and convey the identity of the business. Potential customers should be able to understand what the business can offer them and whether their vision is aligned with theirs.

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