Balanced Equality and Balance Sheets

2021-04-01 by Julio Juarez
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The knowledge that COVID-19 vaccines would soon be reaching Americans hasn’t changed concerns about income equality. In fact, a November poll by research firm CivicScience revealed that worries about equality were a concern of 78% of those surveyed, its highest levels of the year to date. That finding, along with earlier research results reported in previous articles, raised awareness among brands and some large companies and led to the introduction of new programs promoting equality and diversity in the workplace. However, a December article by the Washington Post on how 21 large companies furloughed thousands of employees while making sizable... Read More >

Advancing Inclusivity and Diversity

2021-03-27 by JamesD

Just how important are D&I (diversity and inclusiveness) initiatives today? Gen Z, those born between the mid-1990s and 2010 number about 2.4 billion worldwide and will comprise about 25% of the workforce within four years, according to consumer study firm, McCrindle. Not only have they been ardent advocates of D&I, but earlier surveys indicated that many will not work for employers unless they support the same values. A September 2019 survey by McKinsey and Company reported 38% of respondents saying they would take a company’s inclusiveness into account in making career decisions. Events of 2020 have only served to heighten... Read More >

Best Strategies for Business Growth

2021-03-25 by Julio Juarez
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While launching a business is a difficult feat, identifying and optimizing its growth potential is an even more difficult matter that many business owners have trouble navigating. Especially when the business starts growing, and the environment starts changing. Fortunately, there are several different ways that business owners can find the best opportunities for their business to grow and turn their startup into a bigger company. A great way to find out the direction a business can grow is to research any potential unmet needs of the customers. Consumers have plenty of problems that haven't been solved to date. If a... Read More >

The Future is Online

2021-02-28 by Ronn Torossian

Many consumers who flocked to digital platforms during the pandemic have expressed their intent to stay in cyberspace. Bread, an online retail financing platform, was among the latest to validate this in a survey of more than 600 customers. What can brands do to improve their position in the marketplace and increase their ROI? When the survey was conducted in September 2020, respondents reported spending more online than three months earlier in July. 47.2% added that they anticipate spending more online this year than in 2020. Bread reported that consumer shopping focus has also changed to essentials and products they... Read More >

Essential Tools for Building an Online Presence

2021-02-22 by Ronn Torossian
Online marketing

These days, businesses must have a good online presence, but not all business owners are digital-minded. However, with different technologies and tools, it’s easier to build an online presence for a brand to make a company stand out from the crowd and get consumer’ attention. For business owners that want to get their companies noticed, they have to market and do public relations online and do it in a smart way because, otherwise, the business is like a ship without sails. Planning It’s common for online businesses to have their own social networking app to connect people in the company all the... Read More >

Building A Successful Business on Improvements, not on Inventions

2021-02-08 by JamesD

Entrepreneurs believe that their big ideas should be revolutionary to get to the success they first set out to achieve. Many of them believe that all they need is an idea that will change the world, but that’s not the case. These revolutionary ideas, such as the iPhone, or Facebook, tend to be few and far between. This is because most of the time, people don’t really like change. If it means changing a person’s behavior, which means that achieving industry disruption with one great solution is at best extremely difficult, and at worst, downright impossible. The best way to... Read More >

Focusing On Organic SEO & Why It Matters

2021-02-08 by JamesD

Paying attention to and focusing on organic SEO can elevate your website ahead of the competition. A discussion with Don Silver, COO, BoardroomPR, Fort Lauderdale, Florida What is organic search engine optimization (SEO) and why is it important? SEO is the process of optimizing your website to establish and grow the flow of free organic traffic to your page. This helps Google better understand what your page is about. Google is then able to identify your page as being relevant to user searches, and therefore impacts the probability of your site appearing on page-one for a specific phrase or answers to... Read More >

Building the Best Business Team

2021-02-04 by Jim Crickell
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There are plenty of different ways for brands and corporations to build teams that solve business challenges. Each approach has its own advantages and disadvantages, which is why business owners have to pick the one that best fits their ideas and vision on how to achieve their business goals. Some business owners want to have a controlled workflow and a lot of discipline, with clearly defined responsibilities for everyone involved. In contrast, others prefer letting the employees work on the things they are interested in within the business goals. No matter the approach, having a great business team is essential... Read More >

Q & A With Michael D. London of Bow Wow Labs

2021-01-26 by Jim Crickell
Bow Wow Labs

Today, a special Q & A with Michael D. London, CEO of Bow Wow Labs. For more than 40 years, Michael London has invested in and built companies from startup, to maturity, to exit. In all cases, these companies have become more than an investment, and London has been the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of his companies. His varied businesses represent different industries and business models, but every one reflected London’s life-long commitment to delivering true value to his customers. Another cornerstone of London’s philosophy of investing in and building businesses is his commitment to attracting the very best... Read More >

Digital Marketing Predictions For The Year To Come

2021-01-18 by JamesD

What do pros think will happen in digital marketing in 2021?  Some experts told us: “Accessibility is a trend that is gaining more and more momentum as marketers and brands realize that their message is inaccessible to valuable audiences. Optimizing for voice search, video search and closed captioning will be important trends to keep marketing accessible and relevant in 2021 and beyond,” said John Cho, Founder of My Pet Child, an online resource for pet owners struggling due to COVID19.  “UX is going to become more of a focus when it comes to SEO. This year has changed what consumers search for in... Read More >

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