Luxury brands in the NFT space

2022-01-12 by EPR Staff
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Luxury brands are becoming increasingly attracted to NFTs. NFTs have become an obsession for luxury brands, and this obsession might increase in the days ahead. NFTs push the limits of artistic expression, and hence brands are increasingly getting in on them as well. The results of these brands’ involvement in NFTs have interesting concepts. It has led to marketplaces like 4K, which allows users to exchange the NFTs they purchase on the website in return for the physical form of that item.  There is also an alternative platform, other than GOAT or StockX, where people can search for collectibles. Given below... Read More >

Authenticity in the Restaurant Industry

2022-01-07 by EPR Staff

Authenticity is the perceived honesty and genuineness of a message or an experience. In the restaurant business, it means that customers feel like they are getting authentic food and genuine service in a place that has personality and soul. Authenticity is a crucial part of the restaurant experience. If customers don't feel like they're getting a true dining experience, they won't come back. Customers want to know they can trust the food and service they receive at a restaurant. Being authentic allows a restaurant to stand out from other dining establishments and draw in a more loyal customer base. Maintaining... Read More >

Digital PR Myths

2022-01-01 by EPR Staff
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Much like SEO efforts, digital PR takes a long time to get results from for companies, but the results that businesses can get are definitely worth it. Unlike paid ads, there isn’t an immediate show of results after a company launches its digital PR campaign because digital PR is all about building relationships across a variety of channels. There are plenty of things that people believe about digital PR involving the reasons why it doesn’t work for businesses. But those widespread myths are just that. When digital PR is consistent and done right, it’s a gift that keeps on giving,... Read More >

Developing Strong Consumer Relationships

2021-12-24 by EPR Staff
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While the world is constantly changing and companies have to keep up with the needs and desires of their customers, the pandemic ended up making a lot of big changes, especially in terms of what consumers think they need and what their daily habits are. What used to be considered normal is largely no longer possible, at least for the time being, and people had to quickly adapt. The same is true for many companies that had to worry about surviving lockdowns, remote work, and turning to the digital world to be able to operate. The increased digitization also meant... Read More >

Product placement as a marketing strategy

2021-12-14 by EPR Staff
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The interdependence between films and shows seeking advertising support and marketers desiring product exposure has led to the practice of product placement. It is a sales technique where movies or shows get paid to put certain products in their scenes. A lot of companies are ready to make their story a part of the story on the screen. Product placement is no longer seen as something that would detract from the story being told. The strategy used is normally that of, ‘seen but not said’, which focuses on subtle displays of the product where it is seen intermittently throughout the... Read More >

Does Every Company Need a Website?

2021-12-13 by EPR Staff
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There are certain businesses that have successfully survived and even thrived without having a website.  However, that’s not the case for everyone.  It has never been easier to invest a bit of time and effort into creating a business website for any company, which provides a variety of benefits, especially for smaller businesses. Additionally, most of those benefits tend to increase in value exponentially over a long period of time. Professional Appearance One of the reasons why companies need to have a website is to appear more professional and credible to consumers as compared to businesses that only have profiles... Read More >

Service design and product ideas

2021-12-10 by EPR Staff
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Service design and product ideas have a huge impact on how happy a customer or user is going to be. Hence, they also determine how successful a business is in the long term. With  information overloads prevalent these days, it is not easy to capture the attention of the audience. The audience is not too keen to be convinced. They want to be fascinated and swept off their feet. Things have to be done differently now. According to Smashing Magazine, ‘ Product design is the process of identifying a market opportunity, clearly defining the problem, developing a proper solution for... Read More >

Brands Investing in Regenerative Agriculture

2021-12-07 by Ronn Torossian
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Regenerative agriculture is a system of agriculture that aims to restore the habitats they occupy. In doing so, they develop soil’s organic matter and restore degraded soil’s biodiversity. It is a method of proper land management. Some brands are leading the way in making a positive environmental impact by supporting and building regenerative supply chains. Given below is a list of brands that are implementing regenerative agricultural practices in their supply chain. 1) Nestlé - In the month of September, Nestlé launched its ‘sustainability promise’. It was a pledge to help protect and restore the environment and improve the livelihoods... Read More >

Effective Social Media and Email PR Strategies

2021-11-12 by EPR Staff
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PR professionals and marketers have to work hard to remain on top of things because both industries have fierce competition with small margins of error. To stay on top of everything, PR professionals have to find ways for a business to get an edge over market competitors, which is why they end up trying different strategies that can potentially bring their clients success.  Digital Marketing  When it comes to digital marketing, which has become a big part of digital PR in recent years, there are plenty of useful strategies that businesses can employ. Some of the most important ones include... Read More >

Achieving Success Through Digital PR

2021-11-11 by EPR Staff
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If companies don’t invest in digital PR campaigns, it is often the case that all of the time and effort that’s spent on improving SEO scores is not going to bring any positive results. Achieving success through digital PR starts at setting goals, and all of the strategies for each digital PR campaign should work hand in hand to deliver the company the desired results.   Setting clear goals when creating a digital PR strategy is essential to achieving success, and if a company isn’t able to achieve certain goals, but doesn’t always mean the goals should be changed. Plenty of... Read More >

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