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Eric Nemeth Eric PR & Marketing Q & A Profile

2020-10-02 by EPR Staff

Today, an interview Q & A with Eric Nemeth – owner of Eric PR & Marketing and former PR executive for the Harlem Globetrotters and Comcast-Spectacor. Q:  You recently launched your PR and marketing agency during a pandemic.  What led to the decision to go out on your own? A: Some of those initial decisions were made for me. The pandemic devastated the live event industry from Broadway, to concerts, to family shows. It forced my employer of 10-years to pull multiple tours off the road and implement mass furloughs. When my furlough began in April, I had real life... Read More >

Everything-PR Q & A With Dick Grove – CEO INK Inc. Public Relations

2020-09-25 by EPR Staff
Dick Grove – CEO INK Inc.

Dick Grove has managed the gamut of business and consumer communications from financial and investment relations, to high-tech campaigns and products, crisis management, and the vagaries of the entertainment world. He’s served in the MarCom C-Suite with companies like Itel Corpration, GE Capital and IT&T as well as a V.P. with industry powerhouse Burson-Marsteller. In 1997, the Kansas City-based Grove launched his own Public Relations firm, INK Inc. Public Relations, notable for being one of the first to utilize a “virtual” PR team and “pay for performance” client model.  What was your career prior to launching INK Inc. PR and your motivations... Read More >

Q&A with Lori Rosen, Founder, Rosen Group

2020-08-12 by EPR Staff

WFH:  The Most Popular Acronym in 2020: How One Agency Executive Adapted for the Long Term You’ve had a public relations firm for 35 years—and like most PR agency executives, have been working from an office. How has the shift to Work from Home (WFH) been? When we left the office on March 12th, we all thought it was temporary - initially a few weeks, maybe a little longer.  Then the goal post consistently kept getting pushed further back.  First it was until the Easter holiday; then the Governor said the end of May. When it was obvious that schools... Read More >

Q&A with Rhonda Rees: Public Relations Expert

2020-07-24 by EPR Staff

Q&A with Rhonda Rees: Public Relations ExpertQ&A with Rhonda Rees: Public Relations Expert What is it like to handle clients in the age of Covid-19, and what specific media challenges have you faced? I have had a very unique perspective in representing clients that have been directly involved and/or impacted by our current Coronavirus pandemic.  It’s been both a challenge, as well as an uplifting experience to present them to the media during these uncertain times.  Examples include an up-coming original Sci-Fi drama TV series called Space Command. The producer created an episode which was shot remotely during the pandemic... Read More >

Insights from With Global Alliance

2020-07-19 by EPR Staff
Global Business

With Global Alliance, a global network of tech PR and marketing agencies, launched in January of this year with just five founding members. By June, the With Global Alliance (WGA) membership had doubled in size to include 10 firms, servicing 26 countries, all with deep tech expertise and hands-on senior leaders.  Operating in the international sphere during a global pandemic has many challenges, but each country has its own unique issues and opportunities. We asked the leaders of WGA to share their insights on working with the media in their respective markets as well as the impact of COVID-19 on... Read More >

Blue Fog Communications, Shift Communications and Others on Future Of PR…

2020-07-16 by EPR Staff

Blue Fog Communications, Shift Communications and Others on Future Of PR… Continued interviews on the future of PR, with many differing thoughts. Here’s a few industry leaders: Stephanie Driscoll of Blue Fog Communications predicts, “…  we will see a large increase in individual PR in the future. If you think of some of the greatest brands of all time such as Oprah Winfrey and George Forman, it's their personal brand that sticks out, not their business brands. They are successful because they built a personal brand and established trust with their audiences who then stood behind and supported their business... Read More >

Q&A with Novita Communications’ Christine Abbate

2020-07-04 by EPR Staff

Novità Communications, an award-winning integrated marketing and communications agency that caters to the architecture and design communities and is headquartered in Tribeca NYC. A certified WBE, Novità has been recognized since 2017 as one of Observer’s PR Power 50 Agencies. Prior to founding Novità in 1996, Christine was Director of Marketing & Promotion for the Italian Tile Center, Italian Trade Commission. Passionate about people, products and events, she has extensive experience in PR, marketing, trade show/event planning, and design competition management.   How has your agency leveraged this moment to propel your business forward while supporting clients during these challenging times? Within... Read More >

Motti Peer, CEO of ReBlonde On The Future of PR

2020-06-30 by EPR Staff
the future of influencer marketing

Feature Interview with Motti Peer, CEO at ReBlonde, the agency behind Viber's boycott of Facebook shared extensive thoughts with us. He said today in an exclusive interview, “It's a time to focus more on thought leadership. As PR experts it’s our professional responsibility both to our clients, editors, and ultimately readers, to ensure the thought leadership pieces we produce are valuable. That responsibility remains today, only now there is another layer on top of it. It’s not the time to write stories about your most impressive case studies.  Being mindful to the zeitgeist is crucial, and it’s not only about what... Read More >


2020-06-26 by EPR Staff

Who are you and what do you do? My name is Christie Lawler and I am the Founder & Owner of CJL CONSULTiNG, a niche marketing agency that serves the restaurant, hotel and entertainment chains across the U.S. I also am the Founder of our philanthropic arm – The WITI Group - a 501(c)(3) organization that aims to promote the future female leaders of our industry through mentorship as well as financial and emotional support when they find themselves in abusive or otherwise hostile work environments. Our foundation is more than 65 female volunteers strong across the country. We are all... Read More >

Interview with Steve Markman, Markman Speaker Management LLC

2020-06-24 by EPR Staff

Q-Given today’s challenging economy, marketing and PR efforts should be front and center for your company. But how do you rise above the noise? A-One way to do boost visibility is through public speaking. By speaking at public forums – at conferences, seminars and forums held by independent event organizations, associations, professional and industry trade groups, and academic institutions – enormous exposure and thought leadership is created. Q- Why do speaking opportunities for companies represent a strong marketing, public relations, business development, and thought leadership tool? A- 1-Attendees get to learn about your expertise firsthand and can interact directly with... Read More >

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