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PR Tip of the Week: Green Cars

The auto-PR industry should understand that a pitch should focus on a real value and not on something illusory, spoon-fed to the reader for the sake of a successful sale.

Grammar Police 0

Breaking News: There Is Hope for the Grammar Police

As any author on the Web knows, there is a virtual army arrayed to stamp out grammatical errors out there. The good news for citizen journalists today is, “There is hope after all.” A recent study reveals how these barracudas of bad grammar can mediate their own paranoia, and in the end cut us all some well deserved slack.

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Why FREE Marketing Still Works

This word has long been one of the key attention-getters for PR agencies and marketers. The key question is: does “free” still work as a marketing or PR strategy?

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Business Travel and Other Dinosaurs

Business travel has been a mainstay of the industry for some time. However, the new trend is away from frivolous and inefficient business. This segment of the travel industry may never rebound to the position it once held, and perhaps it never should. Emerging technologies, combined with corporate business’ new found logic around expenditures reveals interesting potential, as well as a necessary shift.

General Mills Public Relations 0

General Mills PR: Children are Easy Targets for Heavy Public Relations

“While cereal can be a healthy and convenient breakfast for children, this study shows that cereal companies are targeting children with their least healthy products. Clearly there’s a lot of room for improvement.” – Jim Marks, MD, MPH, senior vice president and director of the Health Group, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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PopScreen – Next Level Online Video Aggregator

There are not many video startups coming along which have fantastic potential but one called PopScreen may just surprise even the most cynical video aggregator detractor. This very refined and well worked out video tool is engineered from the best ideas of the past in order to provide maybe the best platform for video yet devised for Internet users. Only time will tell, but it is at least easy to see the developers did their homework well.

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Avery Dennison: Traditional Company Pushing The Right Buttons

Avery Dennsion is one of the world’s largest and most successful companies, Even in these trying economic times the company has managed to not only stay afloat, but to turn a profit as well. The recent election of Debra L. Reed as the company’s director, along with what seems like a stream of decent business announcements, engagement or digital communication and technology, advancements in labeling technology, and other news paint a pretty picture for AD. One almost has to wonder if their news is not too good?