Demi Moore Photoshop PR Stunt

Demi Moore, the actress more famous (recently) for her involvement in Twitter and her marriage with Kutcher, lives a Photoshop nightmare apparently. The actress appears on the cover of W in a very unnatural pose, reportedly the sloppiest Photoshop work ever. If you look at Moore’s picture, you notice that the artist chopped off part of her left thigh, leaving an unnatural gap instead of a roundly shape. Sure, Moore appears unhealthily thin, but she is not a mutant yet.

I find it hard to believe that this is a “honest” mistake. Magazine covers go through a very careful scrutiny before they go to the press – at least in my experience. Is this a particular case of attempted PR to attract more attention to an actress who hasn’t starred in anything decent since Bobby, when ironically she played a singer with a declining career?

Her following performances in Mr. Brooks, Flawless and Bunraku are not impressive. Maybe she needs the media attention for The Joneses, that premiered in September at the Toronto Film Festival? Early reviews of the actress’ performance are not that positive: Moore, whose innate iciness is perfect when Kate is the true believer, is less successful when the character is thawed and thinking.

demi moore photoshopped - public relations stunt

This is not the only photo PR stunt orchestrated for Moore. Her very husband occasionally tweets pictures that become social media hits (like this, showing her butt, and another, we will not link at, revealing a “huge bush” a sex-symbol of the 80’s).

So the so-called Photoshop controversy could be an attempt to bring Moore’s name back in the headlines, if you don’t want to blame it on the Photoshop artist alone.

Demi Moore brand interaction with the media has for many years been handled by publicity guru Steven Huvane of PMK/BNC.

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