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Celebrity PR and the Power of Association

Last week, the Critics’ Choice TV awards announced its nominees and winners in several categories. Typically, there were some familiar shows among both the nominees and the award recipients. And, of course, there were some surprises. Orange is the New Black beat out network giants like The Big Bang Theory and cable stalwarts such as Veep for Best Comedy Series, underscoring the streaming entertainment revolution, and the fading relevance of the major networks.

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3 Ways to Transform your Next PR Message

You may have the best message in the world, but you still cannot get people to buy in. What gives? Well, as Founder of 5W Public Relations I regularly advises clients, “PR is as much about HOW you say it as it is what you say.”

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Skechers PR Takes a Marathon View

From a public relations perspective, it has been a busy 2014 so far for the shoemaker Skechers. Recently, their logo was spotted all over Triple Crown candidate California Chrome but the impressive Public Relations run by Skechers began long before they put their logo on a high-priced horse.

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Udi Avshalomov, MapR Technologies, Inc., & More: Big Data Conference

As big data continues to grow in the business community, a conference will be held in Israel entitled “Big Data Everywhere” on June 22nd – and hosted by HP Vertica at the HP Software offices in Israel. Approximately 200 corporate attendees are expected, and the event will feature tutorials & presentations on practical applications for big data.

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GM On Increasing Shaky PR Ground

Lots of folks love Chevys. They are the hero of countless songs and millions of NASCAR fans. But, the maker of the famous Chevy brand has been suffering a horrendous first quarter, at least from a Public Relations perspective.

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Even Good Public Relations Cannot Help Electric Cars

In one of the more “interesting” public relations moves in recent history, the CEO of Fiat-Chrysler recently told the world not to buy his product. Yes, you read that right. The product in question was the Fiat 500e, and Sergio Marchionne is not real high on people purchasing one.

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Mark Cuban:  Naturally, He Was the One…

With the removal of Clippers owner Donald Sterling, both the NBA and fans coast-to-coast were waiting to hear from “other owners.” That group has been the constant focus for the “rest of the story” during the entire debacle about an owner making racist comments, which were recorded in private and then broadcast to the world.

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PR Tips: #AskCommish Goes Awry

Hashtag PR campaigns can go either way. It’s a reality you have to embrace before you ever decide to embark on a very public conversation in a very flippant, off the cuff context. But, brands try it all the time. Some with great success, including Adidas UK, the WWE, Starbucks, and Taco Bell. Some, like JetBlue can look at their social media forays as a bit of a mixed bag. Others go completely off the rails. Looking at youMcDstories. The NFL’s #AskCommish campaign fits squarely in the latter.

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Public Relations Suggestions On Heartbleed

Nothing is quite as frightening as the unknown. But, when the unknown surrounds an already unknown quantity – internet technology – both companies and customers can end up with a lot of unanswered questions. And, when it comes to consumer behavior, unanswered questions are almost always bad for public relations.