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The 3 Ingredients of a Quality Back Link

Back Links have always been a massively important aspect of SEO. Getting sites to link back to yours, or your clients, has always been a challenge too, one that was seen as part of the optimization game. As algorithm updates have increased in their ferocity, and expectations on Google have also gone up, the question often asked is, “What is a good link nowadays?” What, indeed?

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Lack of Budget is B2B Marketers’ Biggest Challenge

Results depend highly on the amount of money invested when it comes to marketing campaigns. You cannot get the results of a USD 100,000 campaign with an USD 100 investment. Creativity plays an important role, but it is not everything and money is necessary. In fact, B2B marketers say that budget is their number one challenge, as an August 2012 study by Demandbase and Ziff Davis shows.


How to Explain SEO to C-Suite Executives

Getting CEOs on board with search marketing can sometimes seem like an impossible task—but it doesn’t have to be. Although it’s true that most executives are used to looking at their brands in a...

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Food Content is Heavily Searched and Shared Online

Brands in the food and beverage field should really be present online, on social media sites, if they aren’t already, as such content is intensively searched and shared on the web. A study by MSLGroup and The Hartman shows that the leading source that influences US Internet users to purchase a new brand of food or beverage is the online recommendation from a friend, mentioned by 36% of the respondents. 30% would buy the same new brand if another friend than the close one would recommend it online, and other people would try the new product if connections from their social networks, people they know or not, would like their statuses.


Online Press Releases are About Quality, Not Quantity

For the quality releases that you hope to get picked up by websites, blogs, newspapers, magazines, or other publications, take the time to do it right and establish that reputation of always providing quality online press releases.

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WidePR, Free Press Release Submission and Distribution Service

A new service to submit and distribute press releases has just emerged in a quite crowded part of the online world. WidePR.com, the latest site offering this type of service to PR professionals and businesses, describes itself as a “state-of-the-art SEO environment that promotes and distributes business news for free”.