WidePR, Free Press Release Submission and Distribution Service

2010-12-17 by EPR Staff
WidePR everything-pr

A new service to submit and distribute press releases has just emerged in a quite crowded part of the online world. WidePR, the latest site offering this type of service to PR professionals and businesses, describes itself as a “state-of-the-art SEO environment that promotes and distributes business news for free”. Unlike other such services, this has a complete range of free services, from the now basic submission and distribution to free links, free image upload, submission via API, free logo upload, and other similar options which are the money making extra of other free sites. "By bringing so many resources... Read More >

MyOnlineToolbox – What It Could Become

2010-04-02 by EPR Staff

Editor note: the title of the article was edited to reflect the real purpose of the review, which is to announce to our readers an online business management tool of great potential. Are you familiar with that half melancholic, half regretful feeling one sometimes has when looking back at a project or relationship that did not go very well and thinks of what could have been if only a few little aspects would have turned out differently? Change few to a lot and you will get my feeling after testing MyOnlineToolbox for a couple of days. What MyOnlineToolbox wants to... Read More >

Search Engine Optimization Tips: Writing SEO Content

2009-12-08 by EPR Staff
SEO For Images

I could actually write a book only about this as it is the single most important element to getting your website found. Okay, I give up. Content is king Every time someone says “Content is king” I involuntarily shiver because it’s such a cliché. Although it is a cliché, that phrase does help people understand what the whole ”content” idea is coming from. Content is, indeed, the most important factor and the place to start when undertaking an SEO optimization project. “Content”, however, no longer refers just to the text on a page. It certainly encompasses text but also includes... Read More >

What Is SEO and Why Is It Important

2009-11-15 by EPR Staff
SEO tips everything-pr

There is still a lot people don’t understand about SEO. Most of them expect overnight revenue, overnight search engine placements and all magic answers to their expectations. Then we have the online debates, where some say SEO is ethical, others dispute it as a way to manipulate the search engines in the detriment of the competition. You can find many definitions of “SEO” online, but none of them satisfies the real need of information that puzzles the minds of the Webtrepreneurs. Let me give you my own definition. When you take a book in your hands, what you hold is... Read More >

Press Release Writing Advice from the Pros

2009-10-05 by EPR Staff
SEO tips everything-pr

A modern press release is an evolved entity. Sure, the body and its main features still hold some resemblance with its traditional ancestor, but the tone has changed and some important new features have been added. Social media elements embedded within the modern press release boost reader engagement and enable discoverability and sharing. Online releases need a touch of SEO (search engine optimization) and the list goes on. The following publications give you a better understanding on how the press release game has changed. New media rules govern these marketing tools today - understanding this means staying ahead of the... Read More >

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