Social Media Trends: Women Vs. Men on Social Media

2013-04-25 by EPR Staff

Among the many statistics showing how different demographics are using social media, a recent infographic by Internet Service Providers, titled Battle of the (Social) Sexes, shows just how men and women are using Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. According to the data provided by the infographic, women make 58% of the user base of Facebook, participate in sharing 62% more than men, and have 8% more friends. But on Google+ the situation is reversed: men make 62% of the user base of this social network, and are clearly more active than women. The female user base of Pinterest records... Read More >

What Is the Value of Your Facebook Fans?

2013-04-18 by EPR Staff
Facebook Fans value

Did you know that a BMW Facebook fan is valued at $1613? If you consider the official Facebook page of the company with 13,234,552 at the date of this report, the numbers are simply mind blowing. Imagine how much money BMW’s PR firms, Kwittken PR or Coyne PR would be asking for if they were responsible for even some of this valuation in the digital arena? Wow. The numbers above were revealed by an empirical study from Syncapse in partnership with Hotspex. The study compared fans and non-fans, based on brand loyalty, spending, media value, brand affinity, propensity to recommend and... Read More >

Non-Profit Communications: Elie Hirschfeld, D.A.R.E & More

2013-04-16 by EPR Staff
Non-profit PR

Not long ago, an LA Times article about the city’s Museum of Contemporary Art’s (MOCA) attempts to raise a sum of $100 million cited fundraising consultant as saying, “People like to give to excellence. It’s excellence, not need that generates big gifts.” But this is not necessarily the case. Many poorly run nonprofits generate the big donor bucks in spite of haphazard management and lackluster results. [caption id="attachment_42020" align="aligncenter" width="585"] GIVE[/caption] Take the nonprofit known as Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.), for instance. The organization was founded in 1983 and reached the peak of its effectiveness during the 1990’s. Eventually,... Read More >

Twitter Brings the Most Social Leads to B2B SMBs

2013-03-03 by EPR Staff
twitter everything-pr

Business to business small and medium companies obtain different results from the social networks they use, a study presented by eMarketer shows. 600 US B2B SMB websites, which were included in an Optify analysis, revealed very interesting data. 54% of all social media-sourced site visits came from Facebook and 32% from Twitter, the study showed. However, when it comes to leads, Twitter performed best, with 82% of the social leads, while Facebook accounted for only 9% of the B2B SMB leads. LinkedIn, another important social media network, was responsible for 14% of site visits and 9% of the social leads.... Read More >

Global Results Communications to Handle LSN Mobile PR

2013-02-07 by EPR Staff
Global Results Communications

Global Results Communications (GRC), Inc., a full-service public relations and digital media firm, announced today that it will manage the public relations efforts for its new client, LSN Mobile. The agency will focus on building brand awareness within the mobile ecosystem for LSN Mobile and will provide media relation services, news release strategy and industry events presence. LSN Mobile is the largest network of mobile news in the United States, and helped media broadcasters and advertisers to deliver news content and targeted advertising/marketing messages U.S. mobile users since 2001. “The mobile ecosystem is rapidly expanding, with new players continuing to... Read More >

Internet Radio, the Next Big Think in Online Advertising?

2013-02-06 by EPR Staff

Internet radio might not be the most impressive in terms of audience, but this particular digital medium is catching the eye of marketers. According to a recent eMarketer report, internet radio is bound to gain more ground in the next years and also attract more advertising dollars as marketers discover its particular appeal. Newly released report “Internet Radio: Marketers Move In” shows that users are tuning in to internet radio stations more and more and from a varied range of devices - PCs, smartphones and tablets, automobiles, connected-home appliances and other gadgets. Monetized primarily by advertising, a less popular digital... Read More >

Consumers Set New Year’s Resolutions They Won’t Accomplish

2013-01-04 by EPR Staff
Retail PR and Marketing Takes Flight in Today’s India

  There are people that don’t usually set a New Year’s resolution, but of those who do set such a goal at the beginning of the year, it seems that many won’t keep it, as a SocialVibe recent research reveals. The company surveyed consumers while engaged on the streaming music, social gaming and loyalty sites they frequently visit. Customers were invited to join a multi-answer survey, and at the end of the month SocialVibe had 562 completed interviews. The study’s purpose was to reveal attitudes and behaviors around New Year’s resolutions and had five important findings. The first key finding... Read More >

Lack of Budget is B2B Marketers’ Biggest Challenge

2013-01-02 by EPR Staff
Retail PR and Marketing Takes Flight in Today’s India

  Results depend highly on the amount of money invested when it comes to marketing campaigns. You cannot get the results of a USD 100,000 campaign with an USD 100 investment. Creativity plays an important role, but it is not everything and money is necessary. In fact, B2B marketers say that budget is their number one challenge, as a study by Demandbase and Ziff Davis shows. Search engine optimization/organic search is the primary online marketing tactic used by B2B marketers from the US with 63% of the mentions, followed by social media marketing (60%), inbound marketing/content creation/blogs (53%), search engine marketing/pay-per-click (41%),... Read More >

Social Media Use on the Rise among US Doctors

2013-01-02 by EPR Staff

Social media is used by many types of industries for various purposes. A survey published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research shows that US doctors use social media on a daily basis. Approximately one in four doctors do that to find out what’s new in the medical field. 500 oncologists and primary-care doctors were queried for this study, and the researchers at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center in Baltimore found out that, apart from scanning medical information, 14% of doctors also offer new information via social media daily. In what frequency of usage is concerned, 61% of the... Read More >

Nielsen Names Wikia Top 10 Social Network

2012-12-22 by EPR Staff

The collaborative publishing platform, Wikia, traffic results from comScore's November Media Metrix, show a 33% year-over-year traffic increase to more than 70 million unique visitors worldwide. For the first time in company history, Wikia exceeded 1 billion page views per month. This places the platform (which enables people around the world to discover, create and share content on pop culture) in the comScore top 100 both nationwide and internationally. In line with Wikia's growth, the company was recently named one of the top 10 social networks in Nielsen's Social Media Report. Mobile is an important component of social as each... Read More >

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