Nielsen Names Wikia Top 10 Social Network

The collaborative publishing platform, Wikia, traffic results from comScore’s November Media Metrix, show a 33% year-over-year traffic increase to more than 70 million unique visitors worldwide. For the first time in company history, Wikia exceeded 1 billion page views per month. This places the platform (which enables people around the world to discover, create and share content on pop culture) in the comScore top 100 both nationwide and internationally. In line with Wikia’s growth, the company was recently named one of the top 10 social networks in Nielsen’s Social Media Report.


Mobile is an important component of social as each of the top networks, including Wikia, has shown significant mobile usage over the last year. In the U.S. alone, almost 32% of users access the site via their phones, accounting for 47 mobile page views per month.

Craig Palmer , CEO of Wikia says:

“More so than ever, our knowledgeable and passionate users are emerging as leading voices. While many traditional social network sites maintain a strong short-term experience, people come to Wikia to live. It is a testament to our users that Wikia is experiencing this kind of growth.  We are excited to continue to innovate and provide new ways for people to collaborate and commune around topics they know and love. In this way, Wikia is a reflection of popular culture.”

Accumulating 100,000 videos, 14 million photos, and 5,000 hours of premium content, Wikia’s 250,000+ communities attract niche audiences across various age groups, genders, locations and interests, including gaming, entertainment and lifestyle communities such as DIY fashion, beauty, education and science. In October, Wikia Games traffic surpassed 27 million unique visitors. Wikia Entertainment momentum continues to rise with over 62% growth year-over-year with more than 30 million unique global visitors.

The story of Wikia’s success is being told to the media by their PR firm, New York based DKC PR.

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