OkCupid Studies Sex Trends on Twitter

2011-04-20 by EPR Staff

OkCupid, an online dating site, has compiled a rather unusual list of charts about sex, including one of the first infographics ever made, and some Twitter-based infographics that showed that frequent tweeters have shorter real-life relationships than everyone else. OkCupid, a Time Magazine favorite apparently, and described as The Google of online dating by The Boston Globe, published the charts on their research and insights blog, OkTrends. The site compiles OkCupid’s observations and statistics from hundreds of millions of user interactions. The declared purpose is to explore the data side of the online dating world. The effect – media buzz,... Read More >

Survey: TV advertising, a steady sales driver in Germany

2011-03-07 by EPR Staff
TV Ads everything-pr

TV advertising is still a powerful money maker in Germany as its sales impact and success factors have not declined in recent years. This is the conclusion of a recent survey by GfK Marktforschung that analyzed over 160 TV advertising campaigns for consumer goods and their ability to convert into sales. The research reviewed purchases made by a test group of households exposed to TV spots and compared them with parallel results from a control group to accurately determine sales success. Research of TV ad analysis data for the past 20 years shows an average 20% increase in market share... Read More >

Crowdsourcing, the Power Tactic of Corporate Social Responsibility

2011-02-23 by EPR Staff
PR should be the last cut from your corporate budget

Crowdsourcing is a valuable tactic for companies running corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs because it offers new perspectives, builds engagement and helps find nontraditional sources of opinions; yet only a little more than half of companies have adopted this power tool for their CSR programs according to a recently published research report. The report is based on a survey conducted in October by PR agency Weber Shandwick and KRC Research on more than 200 corporate executives in charge of corporate philanthropy, social responsibility and community relations within their organizations. 55% of these executives said their companies had used crowdsourcing as... Read More >

Emotion Measurement Is the New Black

2011-02-01 by EPR Staff
Emotion measurement

Emotion measurement can benefit people in many areas, including clinical research, nonverbal communication for nonspeaking people, robotics research, self-awareness enhancement, usability, virtual reality research, and even surveillance. The benefits for the marketing industry, including advertising and public relations, are obvious. With government backing Affectiva might be the next big thing we've all been waiting for, at least in innovation technology. For marketers and public relations experts, Affectiva's technology is a break through. Originally developed by two Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab scientists to help people on the autism spectrum better understand emotion, Affectiva's technology, Affdex, can also be... Read More >

Video Ads Audience on the Rise

2011-01-21 by EPR Staff
Video Ads

How many video streaming and video sharing sites can take pride in being among the world's top ten sites one year after they launch? Not many, so VEVO has a lot to celebrate. The site, available only to users from the US and Canada, is a music video website - joint venture between Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Abu Dhabi Media, and with EMI licensing its content to the group without taking an ownership stake. comScore ranked VEVO third in the US, after Google and Yahoo sites, with an audience of 50.6 million viewers in December. AOL, Inc.... Read More >

Consumer Groups of the Future and the Issues Brands Will Need to Address

2011-01-12 by EPR Staff
Consumer Goods

New research shows that brands will need to address certain hot topics in the future in order to counter the effects of global factors that will impact the trading climate. Analyzing the 12 major global themes that will affect the trading marketplace, Consultancy Capgemini and the Consumer Goods Forum concluded that brand owners will have to address trends and issues such as digital technology and the rising demand for health and wellness products. Some future changes in social climate that will impact the current marketplace are the significant increase in number of city inhabitants, 70% out of the population moving... Read More >

Gen Y’s Motto: Participate First, Ask Questions Later

2010-12-02 by EPR Staff
Generation Y everything-pr

Generation Y, sometimes referred to as the Millennias or the Net Generation, are individuals born in the 1980’s and 1990’s. As a cool fact, Generation Y is largely considered the last generation wholly born in the 20th century. 71% of Generation Y participate in monthly social networking, while almost 29% participate daily. There is little to speak of as far as memories of the Cold War not directly related to a video game or movie go. It is the first generation that came of age during the technology-driven changes of the Bill Clinton presidency. A simplistic one word answer to... Read More >

Advertising Age Lists the 30 Best Places to Work in Marketing and Media

2010-09-20 by EPR Staff
Advertising Age everything-pr

Advertising Age has just released its first list of the 30 Best Places to Work in Marketing & Media, a list acknowledging those employers in the marketing, media and advertising industry that have created working environments this year , where people love to work and are encouraged to contribute their best and brightest ideas. A joint effort by Advertising Age and Best Companies Group, a firm conducting “best places to work” programs across the United States,Best Places to Work in Marketing & Media celebrates businesses describes as follows: “despite or even in light of economic challenges, there are companies that... Read More >

US PR Spending Rebounds, Set to hit USD 4.4 billion

2010-08-13 by EPR Staff
chart1 Communications Industry Growth 2004-2014

Good news for the PR industry across the world, with a special interest for USA professionals! A new report released by private equity Veronis Suhler Stevenson forecasts that by PR spending in the US will reach 4.4 billion US dollars, up from this year’s estimate of 3.4 billion, and following a rebound from 2009 lower amounts spent on public relations. The growth annualized rate for the next four years will thus be of 5.6%. These findings were included in a broader research resulting in VSS’ Communications Industry Forecast 2004 -2014. The overall Communications Industry spending is expected to increase by... Read More >

Survey: Facebook Fanboys Hate Facebook

2010-07-22 by EPR Staff
facebook everything-pr

A survey that went out Tuesday morning by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) had a lot of people talking about what the findings meant. The ACSI survey is nothing new, however this is the first year they included some of the social networking sites. And the results conclude that, drum roll please: Facebook sucks. But what does it all mean, Basil? (Austin Powers voice) I'm not convinced it means anything. Facebook is about to hang the sign of over 500 million served, remember? Let's put it in the context of the Internet Social Media sites that were surveyed this... Read More >

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