OkCupid Studies Sex Trends on Twitter


OkCupid, an online dating site, has compiled a rather unusual list of charts about sex, including one of the first infographics ever made, and some Twitter-based infographics that showed that frequent tweeters have shorter real-life relationships than everyone else.

OkCupid, a Time Magazine favorite apparently, and described as The Google of online dating by The Boston Globe, published the charts on their research and insights blog, OkTrends. The site compiles OkCupid’s observations and statistics from hundreds of millions of user interactions. The declared purpose is to explore the data side of the online dating world. The effect – media buzz, and getting enough A-list attention for OkCupid from the likes of Mashable, Time, The Business Insider, New York Magazine and many others.

The general consensus seems to be that Twitter is bad for relationships, despite the fact that OkTrends revealed charts from various other media. It would be really interesting to learn which exact data led to the conclusion that people using Twitter are more likely to masturbate during a given day, than anyone else.

The charts published by OkCupid feature other bizarre statistics, such as “college tuition vs how many times a week college students would like to have sex,” and “per capita GDP vs portion of people looking for casual sex.”

Some funny, some puzzling, OkCupid’s 10 inforgraphics are a hit on the web today. So what do you think? Is Twitter really ruining your relationships, or maybe we should put the blame on something (someone) else? DKC PR is the PR firm that represents OKCupid.com

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