Sony Ericsson Creations App, for non-iPhones

2010-02-16 by Aaron Sarno
Sony Ericsson everything-pr

Sony Ericsson is doing a lot lately to get deeper into the smart phone game, with a new tool called Creations. Using crowd-sourced content, Creations lets you upload your own photo content from you phone for the purpose of sharing it with friends and crating personalized themes for your device. The Creations app itself lets you play around with your content and the content from other users in order to co-create something custom for your phone. The Creations app itself is appealing to a certain aspect of smart phone use--the ability to personalize your phone with particular themes. This is... Read More >

New Toyota Prius Brake Problem A Negative PR Nightmare

2010-02-03 by Richard D. Pace

Toyota's recall woes continue as news about a new brake problem in previously untarnished Prius models surfaces. According to all the buzz about the supposed new issue, Toyota's recall list may grow still wider. Japan's transport minsitry has ordered Toyota to check Prius brakes due to reported problems. Interestingly, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak went on record with Bloomberg telling of problems with his 2010 Toyota Prius. Reportedly, his has a propensity for accelerating to almost 100 miles per hour when he engaged his cruise control. First is was floor mates, then another recall for mechanical issues, and now brakes? The... Read More >

iPad’s Carefully Crafted PR in Media Frenzy

2010-02-01 by Almaz
ipad wacom pad

You may not remember, but I still do: the iPod was received with more criticism than the iPad, and it became a bestseller nevertheless. As a matter of fact, the iPod became one of Apple's fastest selling products immediately after the launch. Even the iPhone, despite its initial flaws, turned into a bestseller. For each launch campaign the media followed the same pattern: a wave of criticism, followed by a wave of "amazement" when the products turned to be sales hits. Apple is one of those rare companies that can hype its way into the media, get all the criticism... Read More >

Honda Recalls 646,000 Compact Cars, Is Your Vehicle on the List?

2010-01-29 by Archie Obrien
honda recall

One week ago we reported about Toyota and the massive recalls initiated by the company to avoid potentially hazardous situations. Today, another manufacturer announces a worldwide recall: Honda. With 646,000 compact cars scheduled for recall (from which only 141,140 in the United States, 171,372 in the U.K., and 229,000 are in Latin America), Honda does not even come near Toyota's record numbers, however the company still deals with huge financial losses at this time; and an even bigger credibility and PR crisis. The same is true for Toyota, which had to face US Congress scrutiny over its biggest ever safety... Read More >

LinkedIn Updates Interface for Smooth Networking

2010-01-27 by Aaron Sarno
linkedin everything-pr

Professional social networking site LinkedIn has undergone a few interface changes, aiming to make the navigation of its site easier for end users. Focusing on simplification for viewing contact details and accessing various contacts, LinkedIn could end up cluttering its user interface even further. With the intention of adding useful filters and viewing options, LinkedIn is continuing down its path of revamping its site. The new design implementations offer updated browsing options for those with several contacts to keep track of. LinkedIn updated panel lets you view contacts by company, industry or location. You can also filter contacts based on... Read More >

How Will Apple’s Tablet Change the App Marketplace?

2010-01-25 by Aaron Sarno
apple marketing

Rumors are flying at a heightened about the Apple Tablet, as an announcement regarding the rumored product is expected later this week. A report from Flurry Analytics shows that there may be some app testing going on for the Apple Tablet at the company's headquarters in California. Additionally, the data Flurry was able to garner suggests that Apple's Tablet may be running OS 3.2, which would be rather similar to the operating system currently powering the iPhone. What this means for developers is that the Tablet could be another viable option for devices which run their mobile apps. If Flurry... Read More >

Facebook Apps As Security for New Privacy Settings

2010-01-21 by Aaron Sarno
Facebook App everything-pr

Facebook may have teamed up exclusively with McAfee to run virus scans on content shared on the social networking site, but there are other ways to ensure your safety on Facebook. A new app from Websense, called Defensio, aims to provide enhanced security options for individual Facebook users, scanning for viruses and malware that could be picked up from links posted on your Facebook wall or in a message sent from a Facebook friend. The presence of such security measures is an increasing concern for Facebook users, as the recently updated privacy settings on the social networking site have opened... Read More >

Bill Gates Gets Twitter’s Red Carpet Treatment

2010-01-20 by Aaron Sarno

Bill Gates is on Twitter. Yes, the real Bill Gates. Not too long after President Obama gave in and started tweeting, the man behind Microsoft is also right behind Obama in finally taking part in this microblogging phenomenon. We're not too sure what Gates will be tweeting about, but we're pretty positive it will be politically correct. We're also not too sure if people will care about Gates joining Twitter, but they sure rolled out the red carpet for the billionaire philanthropist to join their site. Bill Gates joins twitter @BillGates! Gates has a verified account, which means that Twitter... Read More >

Social Media During An Emergency: Tips During Haiti Earthquake

2010-01-16 by Richard D. Pace
hatiti earthquake social media

An article yesterday on one of the finest "new age" news outlets, The Huffington Post, emphasized further what is wrong with media these days. Ari Herzog evidently woke up with a burning in his gut, an inextinguishable one telling him; "Social media needs you." More likely, he needs social media and the accolades it provides. While real human beings beg the world for their very survival, Arianna Huffington's publication serves as a springboard for still another guru of BS. Beating drums and blowing personal whistles at such a time is nothing short of diabolical in my view. Somehow I failed... Read More >

FINRA Invests in Social Media, Making Teens Money Smart

2010-01-14 by Almaz
FINRA - Foundation Logo

FINRA, the independent financial industry regulatory authority, is investing in social media. It's a tad indirect, but it's for a good cause nonetheless. The organization, along with The American Library Association, is awarding $1.5 million in grants to grass roots public library systems, which intend to use the funds for social media and other education programs. The grant is a sign of good measure, with more companies looking towards social media for reasons beyond mere marketing. The American Library Association is located in rural central Illinois, though the ultimate hope is that technological advancements will further the association's mission to... Read More >

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