LinkedIn Updates Interface for Smooth Networking

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Professional social networking site LinkedIn has undergone a few interface changes, aiming to make the navigation of its site easier for end users. Focusing on simplification for viewing contact details and accessing various contacts, LinkedIn could end up cluttering its user interface even further.

With the intention of adding useful filters and viewing options, LinkedIn is continuing down its path of revamping its site. The new design implementations offer updated browsing options for those with several contacts to keep track of.

LinkedIn updated panel lets you view contacts by company, industry or location. You can also filter contacts based on tags you’ve added to their profile, making your LinkedIn associates organized in a fashion that is more relevant to you.

As LinkedIn remains a professional social network for its users, the ability to access and communicate with online connections is the proof that’s in the pudding for the site. LinkedIn has long since been one of the few networks attempting to actualize the prospects of social networking, giving people realistic ways in which to leverage their existing connections.

The necessity for further organizing contacts according to this principle means that LinkedIn will need to continue to tweak its site in order to appeal to its users. Simplifying the communication process on the site and through remote interactive options would further encourage users to get in touch with each other.

Perhaps that is another goal for LinkedIn, which also added mini profiles for contacts appearing in the far right-hand panel. The mini profiles display contact info, a photo, their current positon and their number of connections, making it easier to see how they can be utilized for your own needs.

Increasing the engagement time users spend on the LinkedIn site may be a longterm goal of the service, seeing as its direct monetization efforts have so far survived the economy and the face of changing advertising models for online networks.

With changes also being made to its mobile app, LinkedIn is seeking a bit of an overhaul regarding the way in which users take advantage of the site’s features. This is an important aspect of the maintenance process, which could give LinkedIn more options towards monetizing the networking actions of its users in the future.

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