Creating Relevant YouTube Videos for PR

2022-06-27 by EPR Staff
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Companies can improve their public relations efforts in plenty of different ways, with one of the most effective ones being video content. Although research has shown that most people's attention spans have been decreasing, there's plenty of room for companies to start utilizing long-form video content, specifically on YouTube. Then, companies can re-purpose that long-form video content into trader videos for other platforms and generate more brand awareness. Relevant topics The first step in creating short-form video content from long-form video content is to identify the content pillars themselves. These pillars are the groups of primary keywords for topics that... Read More >

Misinformation on YouTube

2022-02-05 by EPR Staff

Online misinformation and false news stories have been spreading quickly in the last few years, with various bad actors trying to profit from such efforts. A number of platforms have been involved in the discourse regarding misinformation, and plenty of them have been trying to implement different strategies to help combat the spread of fake news. Misinformation is the deliberate sharing of false information without the intention to cause harm, while disinformation is when false information is shared with the intent to cause harm. Fact-Checker Letter According to a recent statement from a global coalition of fact-checkers, the popular video... Read More >

YouTube Videos Post-TikTok?

2020-08-03 by Ronn Torossian

YouTube Videos Post-TikTok? Until recently, TikTok had been the bright social media star but recent talk about banning the platform in the U.S. has dimmed it.  Google bought YouTube in 2006, it has grown to become especially valuable to marketers who need time to demonstrate and show longer how-to programs. TikTok, on the other hand, is popular for its short 15 second videos that can be uploaded from mobile devices.  In May, Digital Namanji reported 2 billion monthly active users on YouTube, compared to 800 million monthly visitors on TikTok. It’s important to note that TikTok’s demographics skew to a... Read More >

How Much Do YouTubers Make

2020-05-01 by EPR Staff

How Much Do YouTubers Make Among all the different ways in which a person is able to become financially independent through working online, one of the most popular right now is being a YouTuber. Ask anyone under the age of 20 about what they want to be in the future, and the most likely answer to that question is going to be ‘YouTuber.’ Unlike other professions, becoming a YouTuber isn’t as difficult as many believe it to be, as long as whoever is uploading the videos also has an understanding of the YouTube algorithm and the rules about posting. Additionally,... Read More >

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel

2020-01-07 by EPR Staff

As of 2018, there was a whopping 23 million YouTube channels on the popular video platform, and that number is sure to have jumped even higher since. In such a densely packed marketplace, however, it can be easy for brands to give up on their YouTube growth strategy before they even begin. This means that countless brands are missing crucial opportunities to reach new and engaged audiences outside of their target marketplace. As the second most-visited site online, YouTube is a digital marketing must for brands looking to maximise their growth. For companies unsure of where to start, here are... Read More >

Making Revenue with Podcasting and YouTube

2019-07-23 by EPR Staff

Making Revenue with Podcasting and YouTube It seems to be the communications question of the year: is YouTube’s meteoric rise finally leveling out? What role does podcasting play in the contemporary PR toolbox? Which one has more opportunity? What exactly is a podcast, anyway? In reality, the debate can never be about which medium is objectively the best; what matters is which platform is going to work best for your brand. That way, you stand to truly get the most out of your hard work and content creation. As such, let’s take a step back from the anecdotal success stories... Read More >

YouTube Ad of the Decade

2015-07-22 by EPR Staff
kobe messi ad of the decade youtube

Can you believe it, YouTube just celebrated its tenth anniversary. And guess how they did it – they had a battle of the best ads during their 10-year run. All of the top five ads were created by large companies. Two of them were focused on women – beauty and confidence, two were from car companies, and the top one came from Turkish Airlines. Who knew! The Turkish Airlines ad was a selfie battle between basketball star, Kobe Bryant and football hero, Lionel Messi. With more than 140 million views so far, this 60-second ad got double the views of... Read More >

The Fine Line Between Conversation and Being Annoying on Social Media

2015-06-18 by EPR Staff
annoying social media

There are times when it is best to just stop typing on social media – at least for an hour or two. You might have had one of those nose to the grindstone kind of weeks when you haven’t had much social interaction in any form for days. So you arrive home in time to be able to slip onto Facebook and scour what has been happening in the lives of your friends and family. Over the next hour, you frantically type your fingers almost down to nubs. You revel in the complete freedom of expression and love that you... Read More >

Future of YouTube and its Advertising Model

2015-04-09 by EPR Staff
youtube ad model

YouTube is undoubtedly moving into a more advertising-oriented model. However, the basis of their advertising may be eroding. The company is in the enviable position of being the site that most people associate with high-quality video on the internet. The sheer profitability of their position is the reason why their stream has gradually become choked with ads. Although eventually there will be movement to services without ads, YouTube viewers will continue to go to them out of habit. Examination of customer trends indicate that this situation will rarely persist for longer than a century, but for this lifetime the vast... Read More >

Say Hello to Meerkat

2015-03-24 by EPR Staff
what is meerkat

If you use your iPhone to stream live videos to Twitter and other social media platforms, you've probably heard of Meerkat by now. It's a new app designed for the iPhone and iPad IOS operating systems. With Meerkat, you can instantly stream live videos and conversations directly to your Twitter followers in real time. Followers you send your videos to are notified through the use of push notifications. They can then view your videos and stream them to their followers in real time as well. Pros & Cons Although Meerkat gives you the ability to instantly stream videos to Twitter,... Read More >

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