Taylor Swift and Ticketmaster Fail

Taylor Swift, the renowned pop star, announced her highly anticipated Eras Tour back in 2022, which was scheduled for 2023, with international dates extending the tour to 2024. However, what was meant to be an exciting event for fans turned into a major controversy known as the Taylor Swift Ticketmaster drama.

Taylor Swift Verified Fan Ticketmaster

In the lead-up to the official ticket sale, fans were informed that purchasing merchandise and registering on Ticketmaster would increase their chances of obtaining tickets through a Verified Fan pre-sale. These Verified Fans would receive a code after making merchandise purchases, granting them early access to ticket sales. The general sale was supposed to follow the pre-sale, but many fans encountered significant difficulties during the process. As the pre-sale began, fans had to endure long wait times and technical glitches on the Ticketmaster platform. After waiting for hours and finally reaching the checkout stage, the website would freeze or crash, forcing them to start the process all over again. While some lucky fans managed to secure tickets and celebrated their success online, many others expressed frustration and complaints on Twitter, unable to get tickets due to the technical issues. When the pre-sale concluded, it was revealed that there were no tickets left for the Capital One cardholder pre-sale and the general sale. Ticketmaster claimed that 2.4 million tickets had been sold during the Verified Fan pre-sale, leaving none available for subsequent sales. This left numerous fans disappointed and bewildered.

Taylor Swift Ticketmaster response

Taylor Swift herself expressed her disappointment with the ticketing platform, promising to work on a solution to satisfy her fans. Ticketmaster, on the other hand, attributed the ticket scarcity to Taylor Swift’s immense popularity and lack of more frequent touring. The situation worsened as tickets started appearing on resale websites at exorbitant markups, which the Verified Fan process was intended to prevent.

Taylor Swift Ticketmaster Senate hearing

The aftermath of the debacle led to the US Senate launching an investigation into Ticketmaster’s practices and its dominant position in the ticketing industry. During a Senate hearing, Ticketmaster and its parent company, Live Nation Entertainment, faced scrutiny over their policies and security measures. Other figures from the entertainment industry and a competitor also raised concerns about Ticketmaster’s monopoly, as the platform controlled over 80% of the ticketing industry. Some lawmakers and stakeholders have called for the end of the Live Nation and Ticketmaster monopoly to promote fair competition and ensure a better experience for fans. In the aftermath, Ticketmaster ended up apologizing for the situation and promised to try and do better.

International ticket sales

Once the tour started, Taylor Swift announced additional dates for the international leg of the Eras Tour, performing in South America, Asia, Australia, and Europe in 2024. Unfortunately, plenty of the countries that will be hosting the start are collaborating with Ticketmaster, which only ended up creating additional ill-will with fans. This ended up happening in France, where thousands of fans weren’t able to buy tickets after waiting for hours, and Ticketmaster stated that the sale was put on hold, but shared little updates on when ticket sales would resume.

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