Texas Agency Issues Media Monitoring RFP

About The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA), an agency of the State of Texas, has issued an RFP for Media Monitoring and Measurement.

About The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

CPA’s Communications and Information Services Division keeps a steady pulse on trending news topics and the economic landscape of Texas in both traditional (e.g., TV, radio, or print) and online (e.g., social media or blogs) formats. In order to provide more robust media intelligence and agency news coverage, quantify short- and long-term impact of media trends and provide real-time reactions to policies and announcements that affect CPA, CPA is seeking a qualified service provider to provide a media monitoring and reporting tool, including online solutions, training and support as set forth in this RFP.

Scope of Work

Online Database and Monitoring Tool Requirements.  Successful Respondent must provide CPA with access to an online media monitoring database with a comprehensive list of community newspapers, specifically in the state of Texas, as well as all major dailies in print and online, including radio, television and internet (Database).

(b)       Ability for CPA to create daily, full-text media clip distribution report to be sent to CPA’s internal recipients;

(c)        Ability for CPA to create periodic (monthly or quarterly) summary reports of mentions, trends and top stories based on a search criteria CPA establishes;

(d)        Ability to monitor CPA or state mentions and public perception based on a search criteria CPA establishes;

(e)        Ability to create event reports summarizing media impact and CPA positioning;

(f)        Ability to create ad-hoc, topical research reports analyzing key trends and messaging;

(g)        Ability to monitor social media. Required platforms include Facebook and Twitter, access to blogs, message boards and forums. Optional platforms include Instagram, LinkedIn;

(h)        Track mentions and message pull-through of key agency stakeholders and spokespeople based on a search criteria CPA establishes;

(i)         Identify industry developments within the context of the Texas economy:

  1. Conduct topical searches for both historical and real-time analysis;
  2. Analyze results by various segments such as keywords, publication, or reporter;
  3. Gauge the popularity of both news stories and agency publications through social amplification data; and
  4. Supplement for social media analytics reports that contains social amplification data.

(j)         Ability to extract the following data points from Database:

  1. Volume by day, channel, publication, influencers;
  2. Share of voice by channel, publication;
  3. Shares across multiple social channels;
  4. Keyword/theme mentions and message pull-through; and
  5. Influencers and volume of context.

Proposals due on July 8, 2016 to:

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
General Counsel Division, Contracts Section
Room 201, Attn: RFP No. 218j
111 E. 17th Street
Austin, Texas 78774

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