Texas & Colorado Issue Marketing Related RFP’s


The New Year is bringing business – today from Colorado and Texas.

Colorado Community Health Network

The Colorado Community Health Network (CCHN) is seeking an experienced, highly qualified digital media company to redesign and provide ongoing services for three of their websites, including: www.cchn.org, www.cchn.org/CKF/, and www.missiondrivencareers.org.

The Colorado Community Health Network (CCHN) represents the 20 Colorado Community Health Centers that together are the backbone of the primary health care safety-net in Colorado.

CCHN is committed to:

  • Educating policy makers and stakeholders about the unique needs of Community Health Centers (CHCs) and their patients,
  • Providing resources to ensure that CHCs are strong organizations, and supporting CHCs in maintaining the highest quality care.

Proposals are due by January 14, 2016 to Jessica Smith at jsmith@cchn.org.  By way of background, Denver has seen rapid growth as an area of interest for national Public Relations & marketing companies.

The Texas Water Development Board

Another new RFP is from The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) who seeking an Event Planning and Management Services agency for events held by the TWDB.

The first planned event, “Water for Texas 2017” is tentatively planned to be held on or about January 23-27, 2017 in the Austin, Texas metropolitan area. Expected audience for this event is approximately 800 attendees or more. Future events may be held in locations throughout the State of Texas.

The TWDB was created by the Texas Legislature in 1957. The agency currently:

  • Provides loans to local governments for water supply projects; water quality projects including wastewater treatment, municipal solid waste management and nonpoint source pollution control; flood control projects; agricultural water conservation projects; and groundwater district creation expenses
  • Provides grants and loans for the water and wastewater needs of the state’s economically distressed areas
  • Provides agricultural water conservation funding and water-related research and planning grants
  • Supports regions in developing their regional water plans that will be incorporated into a statewide water plan for the orderly development, management and conservation of the state’s water resources by studying Texas’ surface and groundwater resources

The scope of work includes site selection, accounting recap for all events, Training/Meeting Facilitation Services, Instructor/Speaker Management Services, instructor coordination and more.

Proposals are due by January 14, 2016 and should be submitted to Tina Newstrom at Tina.Newstrom@twdb.texas.gov.

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