The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Domestic Destination Marketing Campaign Agency

DEADLINE Date: 1/26/24

Contract Performance and Business Specifications:

a. Overview

MOTT is seeking a marketing agency with experience in developing statewide tourism marketing campaigns. The agency will develop and manage a measurable domestic marketing campaign to increase out of state visitation to the Commonwealth’s attractions, attracting new business for travel and tourism organizations across the state. This will include media planning, buying, optimization, creative services, production of marketing materials, and managing subcontractors as needed. This may include press releases, photos, videos, events, testimonials, blogs or other collateral development. The agency will be charged with engaging stakeholders, building cohesive


Account Executive

Material Production Manager

IT Support Coordinator

On-Site Support Coordinator

Project Manager

Advertising Manager

Public Relations Manager

Graphic Designer

Event Support

Event Planner



Creative Director


Technical Director

Other (vendor must provide title/ explanation) statewide messaging, and implementing MOTT’s two-year strategic marketing campaign which includes media buys.

This work will be a continuation of a domestic marketing campaign developed with federal funds awarded for a recovery marketing campaign. The successful agency will leverage the initial campaigns and research created as part of this federal funding. Once the contract is awarded, the vendor will be responsible for determining appropriate methods to leverage the Commonwealth’s prior investment in planning and market research, incorporating feedback from stakeholders and implementation of MOTT’s strategic marketing plan. The vendor will be charged with implementing the media buying strategy, creative services, social media management, and all other aspects of the campaign. The vendor will also be responsible for reporting on campaign effectiveness and measurement of incremental growth in volume of visitors to Massachusetts. Vendor must include cooperative opportunities for Regional Tourism Councils to participate in statewide efforts. MOTT will have final oversight into all aspects of the campaign.

b. Work Plan and Progress Updates

The successful vendor shall submit a project work plan, for review and approval by MOTT. The successful vendor shall also submit weekly progress updates and participate in regular meetings as requested by MOTT.

c. Deliverables

Deliverables shall include, but are not limited to:

 Creative services and Production:

o Develop an exciting and compelling new advertising campaign with graphics and tagline

or call to action to promote travel to Massachusetts

o Creative development and production, including but not limited to graphic design, copy writing and editing, photography, and video production.

o Development of at least two 30-second television commercials and two 15-second

commercials for use in out-of-state messaging

o Development of toolkit and assets for use by stakeholders

o Secure subcontracted services as needed

o Review proofs and monitor delivery of creative assets

o MOTT will retain ownership over creative, logos, photography, videos, written stories/testimonials, and any content related to the contract.

 Digital marketing strategy:

o Provide recommendations for marketing activity

o Implement MOTT’s strategic marketing plan with messaging recommendations specific to target market profiles.

o Implement public relations and communications plan driving coverage in all media

o Propose two new co-op opportunities for Regional Tourism Councils participation during calendar year 2024.

 Website strategy:

o Increase traffic by 10% monthly growth rate in traffic to

o Identify and create content (long form, informational, guides, or blogs) monthly to increase site traffic.

o Monitor search engine optimization, internal linking, title tags and meta descriptions

o Monitor page speed and bounce rates, adjust and provide recommendations

o Monthly reporting of website analytics associated with the campaign

o Work in collaboration with MOTT’s web manager and the agency responsible for maintenance of

 Social media strategy:

o Implementation of MOTT’s social media strategic content plan

o Scheduling calendar provided weekly

o Daily social media posting, content management, and engagement of VisitMA social sites designed to increase followers and engagement

o Increase followers to at least 200,000 on Instagram, 400,000 on Facebook, 140,000 on X

o Manage YouTube channel, video reels, and other growing video channels and determine ways to grow engagement.

 Media planning:

o All media planning, buying, and monitoring as well as optimization throughout campaign, including RTC co-op efforts

o Placement of digital, television, radio, print, and out-of-home advertising

o Development and implementation of evaluation and reporting methodologies

o Detailed activation program plan and execution support

o Implementation of campaign elements, including calendaring, promotional efforts, marketing channels, signage/advertising, and awareness-building activities

o Incorporate media buys selected by MOTT into the scope

 Stakeholder engagement:

o Event calendaring of activities for inclusion on

o Development of campaign toolkit and assets for use by Regional Tourism Councils and

other stakeholders

o Two learning opportunities around marketing topics and best practices

 Financial analysis and reporting:

o Development of media and production budget based on MOTT guidance

o Control mechanisms with implementation milestones and contingency plans

o Monthly billing must include detailed reporting on expenses

o Full report of campaign effectiveness and return on investment at conclusion of campaign

 Potential campaign design layouts:

o PowerPoint templates

o Social media (Facebook, X, Instagram) – posts, covers

o Pull-up banner design

o Ad and flier templates-various sizes

o Upon approval of the design layouts, MOTT will receive final files and retain ownership for all stated print and digital collateral in standard file formats

d. Additional Services – Performance Monitoring & Account Management

The vendor shall provide account management with in-depth attention to organizing, planning, supervising and reviewing all projects and budgets in progress at any time if requested by MOTT and subject to MOTT oversight and final approval.

The vendor shall commit to a level of service (number and experience of employees and corresponding number of full-time equivalents) as determined in the response to this RFR and shall maintain that level of service throughout the term of the contract. Additionally:

 Progress updates must be provided weekly.

 Vendor will meet all deliverables in work plan.

 Staff with appropriate range of skills will be available for projects.

 Vendors receiving over $35,000 are required to report to the Federal Subaward Reporting System (FSRS) available on all sub-awards.1 Vendor acknowledges that it is responsible for this reporting.


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