The future of fashion marketing

Change is a key element of the fashion industry and fashion retailers are still trying to navigate through the after effects of the pandemic. The fashion industry is moving towards a more sustainable model and customers want their favorite fashion brands to be more accountable. Social media platforms have also changed the way fashion brands connect with their audience. Brands are now expected to be more transparent about their source of clothing. Given below are trends that will shape the future of fashion marketing. 

Live streaming

Live streaming is becoming very popular and can help fashion brands reach customers in the least possible time. Fashion brands can use live streaming to engage communities. Live streaming can be used to introduce products with the help of celebrities and influencers. For instance, Gucci introduced aLive, a video shopping feature. The feature functioned as a virtual store and let customers have conversations with brand advisors in real-time. Products were presented on the basis of customer requests. This interactive strategy increases convenience for customers and also provides brands with real-time data and feedback.

Giveaways and contests

Giveaways and contests can also help to gain new customers for a brand. Contests can help to increase brand awareness. The contests designed should be simple to participate and share. Customers can be asked to submit their email to enter the contest and the prize should be a major motivating factor. There should also be a specific time frame for the contest so that customers are aware about the deadline for entry. The contest could be about sharing videos. For instance, Dockers Europe asked participants what they thought was the most suitable outfit for a job interview. The audience gladly shared their views and this resulted in conversations between the brand and its customers.

Leverage the power of storytelling

Customers these days choose brands that have meaningful stories to tell. They want brands to solve real problems and they also want to see themselves in the story of their brands. Clothes are inextricably associated with the identity of a person and fashion brand stories should talk about identities so that customers can see that their identities are expressed accurately through the clothes they choose.

Focus on health-promoting properties of the brand

The pandemic has made customers be more attentive about health. If a fashion brand sells textiles , it can emphasize on how sustainably sourced it is or talk about its antiviral properties if it has any. The focus is also on dressing comfortably. If a brand sells outdoor clothing, it can focus on experiencing nature in outdoor wear as a way of regaining mental health. A fashion brand can also focus on the good cause it is participating in, such as donating its profits to a nonprofit. It can also state how it uses organic cotton to reduce its carbon footprint.

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