The Future of ROI May Be Written – Or Printed

Printed technologyIf you are sitting there with your Monday thinking cap on wondering what will be the very “next thing” in consumer engagement, maybe your waiting and thinking is already over.  IPI (Europe) Limited, printable interactivity may already be here. Your read correctly, real world printed products and packaging that can help generate not only interest but purchases.

Talk about ROI from within and existing realm, what could be more fascinating than printable interactive tools. According to IPI (Europe) there are already a number of these interactive types available from printable electronics tied to mobile apps, to packaging and promotional items. IPI’s long running ‘Emerging Technologies Programme’ is tightly focused on Printing, Packaging, PoS and so forth, basically things at the literal cutting edge of technology where human shoppers intersect with tech. The coming session on 6th September in London, will examine:

  • Automatic Identification & Data Capture – including RFID systems
  • Printed or Plastic Electronics
  • Real-time location systems
  • Anti-counterfeiting & brand protection devices & systems
  • and Augmented Reality (among other topics)

Whether you are interested in printable electronics or high res 3D innovations and more,  what is “next” may well be unveiled at the coming session. Dr. Brian Weeks, IPI’s Managing Director, offers this in addition from their website;

“With contributions from leading technology providers and early adopters, our Programme Sessions are specifically designed to accelerate understanding and reduce the risks in grasping opportunities for evolving technologies. Even more importantly, the sessions demonstrate real products and components that allow participants to see for themselves what is already possible.

IPI helps companies adopt technology that is as disruptive as it is cool. Intelligent textiles, wearable healthcare devices, printable smart labels, a whole world of new technological innovations and advancements promise not only client acquisition – they promise value for consumers. We have are even testing such devices here at EPR.

WIMM Labs’ edgy wristwatch, to the textile innovations we alluded to from visionaries like fashion designer Olivier Lapidus, the coming trend is really much smarter hardware. Put simply, the OS and software needed to run such articles is already here.

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