The importance of logos

importance of logo

A logo reveals the identity of a brand. The combination of text and imagery not only gives people the name of a business, but it also serves as a visual symbol that represents the vision of a business. It is a part of branding strategy; a symbol that leads to instant brand recognition. In the UK the last episode of the popular sitcom Friends, ran on a Friday. The poster rearranged the show’s logo to read, ‘ENDS FRI’. Most customers care about their experience with a brand. A logo signifies the deeper connection the customer has with a brand.

A logo tells potential customers what a business does and how it benefits them. Hence, a logo has to appear professional. If it is unprofessional, customers will question how well a business can deliver. A good logo makes a business stand out and ensures that customers remember a brand positively. During the coronavirus outbreak, brands have altered the imagery and messaging of logos to help promote safety and unity. For instance, Coca Cola ran a billboard ad on Times Square that showed its brand name typically written in tightly connected Spencerian script with spaces between the letters. The logo appears with the message, “Staying apart is the best way to stay connected.”

Creating memorable logos- Memorable logos have to be unique and clever. They cannot be complicated or fussy. For instance, Ford Mustang’s galloping steed makes one automatically think of the car. The logo is appropriate because the horse is fast and attractive, implying that the car stands out from its competitors, leaving them in the dust. The simplicity of the golden arches of the McDonald’s logo lets it be used as a visual symbol for things such as mustard on a hotdog and the string of a basketball net. Given below are the reasons why a logo is important-

1) Visual foundation of brand identity– A logo serves as a small visual ad for a company. Without a strategy behind it, a logo can send the  wrong message. It is a step towards building a complete brand identity. Some iconic logos such as the Twitter bird or the Target bullseye are so emblematic that they are instantly recognizable. If the name of a business doesn’t lend itself well to translation, then its logo can work well for global business.

2) Invite new customers-  The logo that is found on a package or adorns the storefront can draw the interest of consumers and enhance the curiosity of potential customers. That would prompt them to at least take a look at the product, or hopefully make a purchase. Amazon’s signature orange smile that connects the letters ‘a’ and ‘z’ defines Amazon as a marketplace to get everything one could want from  A to Z. 3) Enhances brand loyalty – Sometimes a business redesigns its logo, either to update a look or to reflect some changes. This can even lead to customers feeling a little betrayed. A recognizable logo is effective in building brand loyalty.

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