The return of business travel

People may have become habituated to Zoom meetings but that cannot replace what is felt while  meeting someone  and shaking hands. In the past couple of years, COVID-related travel bans kept a lot of people grounded. A major reason had also been an attempt to keep business costs down for companies facing uncertainties.

Positive changes

The return of business travel is not only a return but also a new world of trends. There is an increase of business travelers booking ‘bleisure’ trips. Bleisure trips are those trips that combine business with pleasure. Some trade shows are surpassing pre-pandemic numbers. The tourism promotion body in New York, however, has predicted that the city’s business travel will not exceed 2019 levels until 2025. There has been a steady increase in the number of business travel tickets being issued. This in itself, is concrete evidence that business travel is bouncing back. Given below are trends that are driving change in business travel.

Bringing family and friends

The lines between home and office have been blurred with WFH trends. A substantial number of business travelers are likely to bring friends and family on business trips. Such travelers often look for kid-friendly activities as a feature of their destination. Some also consider adding days to their trip so that they are able to explore the cities they are visiting with their friends and family.

Sustainability efforts

Companies are intensifying efforts to demonstrate real progress on reducing carbon emissions. The demand for travel and carbon reduction poses a big challenge. Investments are also needed to achieve zero-emissions travel. Certain ways can be adopted to incorporate sustainability into business travel. Airports are already accepting digital boarding passes, tickets, and booking confirmations. Hiring electric cars can also minimize carbon footprint. Using car-sharing apps can also help to reduce carbon emissions. Single-use plastics can also be avoided.

Unconventional accommodations

Business travelers are now checking into unconventional accommodations. They are choosing to stay away from traditional chain hotels and staying at apartments  to get a more homey feel. With hotels falling out of favor, some even prefer castles, chalets, and villas. Travelers feel more comfortable being in a single home. Booking engines also offer travelers different kinds of properties.

Choosing the right rewards credit card

When travel becomes a crucial part of a person’s business, they are careful about choosing the right rewards card. Travelers are increasingly choosing rewards cards that are tied to hotel chains and flights they use. Some cards offer miles on purchases and the miles earned make it more convenient  for a traveler to get a frequent flier status. The miles can be used for free trips. Some cards also allow access to free wi-fi in airports, and travel lounges. This makes time spent in the airport more productive. Some travelers get lucrative deals such as bonus miles while some get rewarded for eating at certain restaurants.

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