The use of social media stories

2021-10-05 by EPR Staff

Social media stories are gradually becoming one of the most trending storytelling forms. Every culture uses stories to explain and educate. It would not be incorrect to call stories emotional propositions. Storytelling still boils down to a message being delivered via a medium. A story is based on human truths and can be used for products or services that answer a human need. Stories communicate messages in entertaining, engaging, and involving ways.

Stories allow creators to use photos,videos,texts and emoticons to create both long-form and short-form content. They can be uploaded from mobile devices and recorded in a vertical format. They are found on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. 

Since stories can persuade and cause an emotional response, they have become powerful tools for marketing. They are a type of effective content strategy that allows PR professionals to build a narrative and connect on a deeper level with customers. There are great ways to use social media stories to figure out what works for a brand as enumerated below.

1) Use location tags- To capitalize on the storytelling  medium, brands can enter into a dialogue with  consumers. To effectively advertise for local businesses, location tags can be used. Eight out of ten users follow businesses on instagram. If a local business wants to be found, the instagram location tag can prove to be extremely useful. It helps businesses with brick and mortar locations to get more exposure. Not only can a business be discovered locally but adding a location tag can also be a convenient way to get seen by other people who are checking in at that spot.

2) Using behind-the-scenes footage – Taking followers behind-the-scenes is an excellent practice to engage them. The stories do not have to be polished productions to be effective. The technique of using behind-the-scenes content adds an extra human element. The vulnerability that ensues while taking the followers backstage during a new product launch, for instance,might enable them to understand a business and its culture a little more.

3) Poll the audience- Instagram polls are a fun way to grab attention and entertain followers. For business owners they are a beneficial tool for everything, from brand education to researching the market and creating buzz during product launches. Polls  increase engagement if you ask your followers questions like what they consider to be must-have accessories during the next season. Cooking coach Lien uses polls asking viewers if they want to see the new recipe.

4) Announce company updates- Announcements of major releases and launches are also perfect content to share on stories. They can be used as a means of promoting goods and services. For instance, Freddy’s had announced the opening of one of its new locations in its Instagram story, letting fans of the restaurant know and gather irrelevant information.