The Weinbach Group: Profile of PR Firm

Established in 1987 by PR veteran Phil Weinbach, The Weinbach Group’s philosophy has stood on three principles: market-needs messaging, client-centric market orientation, and integrity.

Employing integrated marketing, the Group honed the art of meeting its clients’ objectives. Having begun as a purely PR firm, the agency includes other forms of marketing – like collateral materials, advertising, and direct mail – to meet each client’s unique needs.
Through tailored marketing approaches, Weinbach’s integrated approach maximizes the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, helping clients meet their goals more rapidly.

Key services

#1.Healthcare marketing

Having understood the dynamics of marketing in the healthcare space and with far-reaching expertise in healthcare marketing, The Weinbach Group is a go-to all-in-one agency for healthcare marketing.

With healthcare marketing credentials like being well-versed with health reform, laws like the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Weinbach is well-positioned to advise healthcare brands seeking to soar in the highly-sensitive space.

What’s more, The Weinbach Group is a member of the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development and has first-hand healthcare marketing expertise in nearly all facets of the healthcare space. This makes the agency uniquely placed to produce exceptional results for healthcare brands.

#2. Public relations

Having scored thousands of media hits in the past three decades, The Weinbach Group has developed a broader view and definition of PR. Other than just generating publicity, the group believes PR is a good performance, appreciated publicly.

Thanks to the advent of user-generated content and new media, public relations has become an important and exceptionally powerful marketing and communication tool. Despite the development in the PR space, having the right skillset mix and expertise to utilize the tactics effectively determines success in marketing and communication.

At Weinbach, PR teams have honed the expertise in creating award-winning writing skills, integrated marketing, marketing automation, social media, and mastered nurturing relationships with journalists. Thanks to this skillset mix, PR pros at The Weinbach Group are well-positioned to spread the word about any brand.

#3. Hispanic marketing

With close to five million Hispanics living in Florida, The Weinbach Group decided to tailor its marketing approaches to reflect the needs, wants, culture, and norms of its clients’ target audience. That means creating brand messages that resonate with the Hispanic community within South Florida, or any part of the United States.

Leveraging a culturally diverse talent pool, the group understands the importance of tailored messaging to meet the needs of different dialectical differences and cultural identities. With this understanding, The Weinbach Group tailors Hispanic-oriented marketing to target the Hispanic audience with great precision.

Strategies employed in maximizing the reach of Hispanic messaging include racially-tactful art and photography to reflect  Hispanic diversity, dialectically-neutral language to accommodate multi-ethnic Hispanic audiences, and dialectically-specific messaging to target Spanish diversity – that is, to accommodate variations in Central American, Mexican, and  Caribbean dialects.

What’s more, the agency considers generational differences among the Hispanic audience to enhance the effectiveness of brand messaging.

Notable awards and  accomplishments

#1. Wins Medicare Insurance Account

In 2019, The Weinbach Group won the contract to develop and run adverts and marketing campaigns for the  Insurance Trust for Delta Retirees. The non-profit organization will offer tailor-made insurance products for Delta retirees, their spouses, pensioners aged 65 and above, and survivors.

#2. Selected to launch a dermatology drug

Weinbach’s team scored a win by becoming the marketing agency for Cutanea’s latest drug – Xepi™.

#3. Wins at the 37th Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards

The Weinbach Group secured nine wins, including two gold awards: one for campaigns run for Physician Dialysis and one for the launch of Xepi. At the same time, the agency received honors for campaigns run for The Renfrew Center for Eating Disorder, Genuine Health Group, and the Insurance Trust for Retirees at Delta.

Notable Clients

Brands in The Weinbach Group’s roster include Holtz children’s hospital, Jackson health system, the H.H.C group, the Renfrew center, the Miami Foundation and check cashing USA.

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