Timeless investor rules to live by


Some investor rules are always helpful. Inflation and interest rates inform most wise investing decisions. Each day can be an opportunity to make or lose money. A portfolio should match the goals of an investor and their risk tolerance. Each year brings with it challenges and new economic conditions. The stock market is still dealing with the effects of the pandemic. It is wise to create an investment plan and stick to it. Every investment needs to have an underlying reason because it is easy to lose focus. Given below are some investment rules that might prove helpful during times of volatility.

Selling is not always the best move – It is not always a wise idea to sell a stock just because it is up. One will never own a stock that will go up by 1000% if they sell it after it rises by 100%. It is better to assess why the stock went up before selling it. A stock usually goes up when a company is doing well. If it is a good stock, selling may not always be the best move. Winning stocks tend to keep winning.

Do nothing in a crisis – When the market crashes, it is natural to panic. Smart investors do not do anything. That is almost always the best response. Stock market crashes are unpredictable. Instead of panic selling, it’s better to take time to assess investments. Market downturns are normal. It is safe to put up with some volatility in exchange for higher potential returns.

Sector selection is important – While choosing a stock, it is essential to do research. A stock’s fundamentals should be reviewed to monitor its viability.  Other evaluative criteria besides market value should be used to research a stock, such as its sector, projected profitability, and capital structure. If a person is retiring soon, they might want to make sure that the stocks they are considering have low-risk characteristics. Having exposure to all sectors is better than trying to time a single sector.

Be flexible and patient – Markets change and companies can perform badly. Sometimes one can have stocks in a great company that no one else seems to like. That does not make it a liability. Patience and flexibility are needed with stocks. Investors need to be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that come their way. For instance, there are companies that are affected by supply chain issues but perform well.

Insider ownership should be a factor to consider – To get a sense of a stock’s prospects, it pays to watch the trading activities of corporate insiders. Insiders include a company’s directors, officers, relations, or anybody with access to key company information before the public gets to know about it. It is best to invest in a company whose directors are committed to the company through shares. High insider ownership expresses confidence in a company’s prospects. Insiders tend to own shares when they have positive expectations of a company.

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