Tips on Buying an Apartment in New York City

Having purchased real estate in New York City, Ronn Torossian says given the competitive space of the New York City real estate market, it’s not always easy for people to find and buy the right apartment that they can start living in. Fortunately, with the right space, anyone can start and end this kind of journey with success.


The hottest real estate seasons in New York City are summer and spring, which means that it’s important for future homeowners to start searching for an apartment as soon as possible. In fact, it can take over a month of simply searching and looking into properties and listings for many New York City homeowners to find the right place for them before they can start planning their moving process. Although not everyone needs to commit to a property a month and a half before moving into it, it’s still important to start looking early to get a better understanding of which neighborhood fits best to one’s needs. It’s also helpful in figuring out the average price ranges for different apartments which helps many people narrow down their choices and settle on the perfect property. 


It’s important to get an idea of how much properties cost in different neighborhoods and boroughs in New York City, but knowing one’s own financial situation and budget is even more important. Compared to many other places in the USE, the cost of housing and overall living in New York City tends to be a lot higher, which is why future homeowners need to calculate how much they’re able to afford to narrow down their property search even more. This also helps avoid wasting time by looking at spaces that are outside of that budget. 


Another important element in the process of purchasing an apartment in New York City is the location – more specifically, the boroughs and the neighborhoods of the city. That’s because people should ensure they’re living in a place where they feel safe and comfortable, while still being surrounded by the things they might need such as outdoor spaces, options for transportation, stores, and more. The best way to narrow down the precise location for a new apartment is by deciding the optimal borough first, and then narrowing that down to a handful of neighborhoods that are attractive to the future homeowner.  In fact, there are plenty of resources online that can help future NYC homeowners get to know the areas around different apartment buildings in the city, as well as other essential information about that location.

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