Tips on Writing an Impactful Instagram Bio

When they come across a new brand on Instagram, the first thing that most people do is read the brand’s bio. That’s why when executed the right way, an Instagram Bio can give potential consumers some insights into a brand, what it stands for, and perhaps the offers that are currently available from it. Aside from those essentials, an Instagram bio can also contain any branded hashtags that are currently relevant to a company’s brand or industry. A company’s Instagram profile should always include the name of the business, the company’s logo as the profile picture, a link to the company’s business website, a description, and a call to action.

Call To Action

Instagram is a big discovery point for many companies. Plenty of users tend to find brands through hashtags or Instagram’s Explore Page. That’s why some brands prefer using hashtags and a call to action in their Instagram Bio space. Thisstrategy invites users to engage with the brand, explore its branded hashtag that are available on its profile. It alos  allows the company to collect various user-generated content. Later, that user-generated content can always be used to promote the business by sharing it on the brand’s own page.


No one can use social media these days without using emojis. However, a number of brands tend to avoid using emojis because they think it might hurt the company’s credibility in the eyes of consumers or stakeholders. But when emojis are used in an appropriate way, they’re able to grab the attention of readers. There are two different strategies that companies can utilize when looking to use emojis in an Instagram Bio. They can use different emojis to highlight a number of things, such as making a bulleted list with the use of emojis instead of bullet points. They can also limit their use to a single emoji that can relate to or embody the brand itself.

Brand Mission

Companies can also share a brand’s mission or values in their Instagram Bio, as this is a great strategy too. Whenever a potential consumer opens up one of these company’s profiles, they’ll know exactly what that brand stands for and what it’s trying to sell. These days, many consumers want brands that stand for social responsibility and are transparent about their business operations. This can be achieved by putting a company’s brand mission in the Instagram Bio.


Most social media platforms are where companies can have fun with and engage the target audience. Any business that’s having trouble coming up with an Instagram Bio can stop overthinking and attempt the humorous strategy. There are different types of humor that companies can use in their Instagram bio, but the one thing that’s important to note here is that the humor should be delivered in the brand’s own voice too.


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