Tools to manage social media

Brands that come across as successful social media practitioners often use tools to leverage their ability. Tools help a business to get more done on social media. The marketplace is ever-changing and new tools will come and go on a regular basis. New features are added as old features are removed. Given below are some tools that can boost productivity so that a company can accomplish a lot more in a lot less time.


HootSuite is a favorite when it comes to the management of social media. It is compatible with over 20social networks that are available through its app directory. It gives a company the opportunity to look at specific streams without the clutter. It helps to make sense of the mess of too much information overload. For instance, a company can use it to keep track of what is going on with different Twitter streams as well as LinkedIn and facebook information. A specific command set can also be set up within HootSuite so that it monitors what select people are doing.


Buffer is a great social media management tool for businesses that have limited budgets to spend on social media. Buffer helps to create a schedule and also creates four slots per day for the time zone that has been selected. For businesses where time zones matter, Buffer makes sure that certain posts go out at relevant and convenient times for people around the world. This helps to manage outbound communication much better. Buffer also provides support for scheduling Instagram Reels. Different social media posts on different platforms can also be scheduled.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social helps to manage social media accounts with a platform that is easy to use. It has a social inbox tool that helps to engage with the target audience. Some valuable features that it has are social monitoring and keyword search. Sprout Social is also a powerful tool to analyze data as it can assess exactly what content is working for which followers. This tool is particularly useful for those interested in employee advocacy. For a business that is trying to juggle platforms such as Twitter, Pinterst, and Facebook, this tool can be particularly helpful.


SEMrush helps a business to manage its social media presence on different platforms. This SEO software platform includes an image editor and a link shortener to customize posts. The customized posts can be published according to a schedule that has been automated. The social media tracker of SEMrush tracks cross-platform engagement with users. Reports for analytics are given on a single dashboard. Mentions and reactions to posts are also given on the dashboard. The outstanding feature of SEMrush is that it can integrate social media management with SEO and marketing strategies.

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