Top 5 PR Firms in Portugal


Portugal is not well-known as a place for PR agencies to set-up shop. Still, the country features several public relations firms, both large and small. Some native to Portugal, and some, like Porter Novelli, came a long way to branch into the region.

Check which local firms bring the heat when it comes to PR in Portugal.



Founded in 2001, dadavox simplifies the communication process for clients, focusing on what they do best in the market. A multi-specialty agency, the firm handles not just public relations activities, but also e-marketing, web design, lead generation, translating, and events. Creating a one-stop-shop for big clients like Adobe, Fujitsu, Intel, and Norton.

Less than 10 employees work together to meet the needs of these clients. Attesting to their skills at producing high-quality work, efficiently.

Guess What

Guess What

Built on the premise of “coolmunication” Guess What takes a fresh look at doing PR and how best to meet clients’ needs. Jorge Azevedo and Renato Póvoas built the firm together in 2008. Today, Guess What specializes in brand activation mixing traditional PR strategies with events, managing reputations, creating buzz, and handling media relations.

To ensure the firm has all the talent it needs providing well-rounded services, it hires employees from diverse backgrounds. Employees previously worked in areas including journalism, economics, and digital media. Piaget, Pfizer, Volkswagen, and Virgo Wine all trust Guess What for guidance through the Portuguese markets.

Advance Digital PR

Advance Digital PR

Advance Digital PR specializes in digital goods in Spanish and Portuguese areas. Ralf Germer founded the firm in 2003 and continues managing it today. Germer is qualified in both business and engineering and has lived in Brazil, Portugal, Spain, and Germany. His experience brings a global outlook to the firm.

This global perspective takes Advance Digital into other countries, including Chile, Peru, and Mexico. It also attracts business from big companies in e-commerce like AVG, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and Foursquare.

Canela Public Relations

Canela Public Relations

Canela Public Relations began operations in 2006 under the leadership of founder Deborah Gray. Along with running an office in Lisbon, Portugal, the firm has branches in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain. Canela is independently owned and takes pride in adapting to and embracing= change.

The firm describes itself as professional, artisanal, flexible, multilingual, international, and ahead of the competition. Featuring a completely female leadership team, they challenge strong machismo (macho) ideas remaining in Spain and Portugal, regarding women in leadership roles.

Companies like Clínica Liberty, LENOVO, Kodak, iStockphoto, gettyimages, Rolex, peel, and Freelancer depend on the firm to position their businesses for success in Portugal.

PR consulting

PR Consulting

With more than a decade and a half of experience in the public relations field, PR Consulting remains committed to adding value to clients’ campaigns. The firm views clients as partners and treats them as such. PR Consulting’s passion for taking on new challenges and pushing old boundaries makes it one of the best agencies in Portugal.

As a result, noteworthy clients like Google, YouTube, TNT, and Universidade NOVA de Lisboa gravitate towards the company’s success helping build success stories in the region. To ensure this happens, PR Consulting helps clients build better brand images, provide media training, and handle press office and media relations.

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