Top Advice For Dynamic Ads

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Similar to the traditional text-based campaigns, dynamic search ads are a different powerful ad campaign that allow companies to expand their coverage and drive more website traffic. However, it’s essential for businesses to set these ad campaigns up the right way; otherwise they won’t net the desired results.

The main difference between traditional campaigns and dynamic ones is using the company’s own website or a product feed instead of relying only on keywords. The Google algorithm already matches the questions from users with results that contain relevant keywords, but with dynamic ads the algorithm will be showing users the products that are already available on a company’s website. 

The ad campaign posts will still be showing up in the search results pages on Google, but they’re more difficult for users to distinguish compared to the regular text-based ads. These types of campaigns are a great way for businesses to show off dynamic content to interested audiences.

However, it’s not just the keywords that are the main difference between dynamic and regular text campaigns. That’s because the headlines for the ads with dynamic ad campaigns are created by Google itself. The headline is created from content and information directly from the product feed or the company website. Although businesses still have to create their own descriptions for those ads, this approach has better practices and is more efficient.

Additionally, similar to text-based ad campaigns, these dynamic ads are also priced on a CPC (Cost-per-click) basis, and the cost is determined according to the number of times an ad is clicked multiplied by the max CPC the company is willing to pay. There’s no need to bid on keywords because these campaigns don’t rely on keywords, but the bids are based on automatic targeting. Automatic targets are simply a list of all the different pages on the company’s website that can be targeted.

Easy Ad Creation

With dynamic search ads, companies can more easily create  the ads themselves because the headlines are generated based on the actual products and descriptions by Google’s algorithm. Although the company will have to create the description that will show up below the headline, it’s that carefully crafted headline that actually grabs the attention of the users and drives more clicks to the business website.

Keyword Coverage

Another benefit of dynamic search ads is that companies can more easily  close the gap in product inventory and keyword coverage. With Google’s algorithm, the company’s website is automatically crawled to find relevant information. This also helps companies in not having Google flag some of those ads as having a low search volume, which usually results in the ad not showing up to users in the first place.

Setting Up

Finally, in terms of the campaign as well as keyword creation, it’s a lot easier to set up dynamic search ads. While the company should already have a good ad creation structure and plan in place, the dynamic search ads are quite easy to set up, as they require minimal time and effort to finalize.

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