Bollywood’s Top Public Relations Firms

Bollywood'sTop PR Firms

Don’t you just love all the different genres you can find in film and stories these days? Have you enjoyed more than one Bollywood film? The dancing, the colors, the music, the festive feeling – what’s not to love. Well just in case you are wondering, here are some of the top PR and Media firms that are working in the Bollywood industry.

Dale Bhagwagar Media Group.

Dale Bhagwagar runs an independent PR agency, and many consider him the best Bollywood PR guru. You can find him at He has handled publicity and image building for more than thirty films including Style, Don, Honeymoon Travels PVT Ltd., Rock On, Bombay Boys, and Kya Kehna.

Encore Media. Encore promotes Asian products in both the UK and India. They especially do work for North India and their work starts with the initial announcement, seeding information in the media about upcoming films, and organizes innovative launches, premieres, and private film events. They have a great reputation.

Spice PR.

Their website is Their Bollywood film efforts include Slum Dog Millionaire, English / Vinglish, Parineeta, HumTum, Dhoom, Ek tha Tiger, Cocktail, Bodyguard, and Dehli Belly. The firm started in 2004 and has had 360˚ exposure in the entertainment domain and the communications business. They also manage several of the actors in Bollywood films.

Universal Communications.

They are one of India’s leading PR firms handling media relations and digital promotions. They are located in Mumbai and are directed by Parag Desai, CEO. The firm began in 1993 and later got into media relations work. Some of the films they have work on are Finding Fanny, City Lights, Bol Bachchan, Dabanng 2, Son of Sardaar, and RockStar.

Raindrop Media.

This is a media relations firm and counts among their clients several of the Bollywood stars such as Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor, and Abhishek Bachchan. But the real star is the founder of the firm Rohini Iyer who started work as a film and media journalist when she was just 16.

If you want to keep track of new Bollywood viewing options on the horizon, or need help in getting a new show rolling, check out these firms for all the help you need.


  1. Uttam Muktemwar says

    Thats correct. Mr Dale is the undisputed king of Bollywood PR. The best film and celebrity publicist India has ever witnessed. Long ago, journalists used to describe our megastar Amitabh Bachchan’s position in the Indian film industry as being from number 1 to 10. Other actors came after that. Mr Dale’s place in Bollywood PR is somewhat the same. He leads in experience, clout, influence, celeb reach, media connections and talking the talk. Plus, he’s the first publicist to admit that he manipulates media as its part of his job. No other PR in our country has had the honesty and guts to admit to this earlier. All this and much more, makes this wicked yet charming media manipulator, good fun to follow for anyone who wants to learn anything about Bollywood PR.

  2. Rajiv Ratnakar says

    Dale Bhagwagar is not just No.1. He is leagues ahead than the others. The others just flap. He flies. Even putting him on a list is doing injustice to him… even if it is on top. That chap has started everything from legal contracts, to advance payments from PR clients to spokesmanship to training gen next at colleges in public relations. More than a dozen students have got doctorates by doing their thesis with him as a guide, whereas Dale has never done any course on PR himself. I’ve been to one of his PR workshops and found him a PR beyond compare. The only thing that the fellow is bad about is that he makes his own rules in media and does not adhere to set journalistic norms. This pisses off his detractors and sometimes other PRs and certain scribes too. He may not get away with such styles of working for long and meet his doomsday one day.

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