Top global franchise brands

In spite of the pandemic, many franchise brands have continued to increase their reach. Franchising gives people the opportunity to own their business without taking on the associated risks. They can use a successful business model and they do not have to figure out how to create one. Franchise owners use a structure that has been given to them and has been known to work. Given below are companies who are doing it best.

Arby’s  – Arby’s offers numerous advantages to its aspiring franchisees. They are one of the fastest growing in the dine-out sector and is the second largest sandwich service chain in the US. For prospective franchisees, Arby’s offers a steady income. The brand is strong and is increasingly tapping into younger guests. They have a menu designed for meat lovers and their first restaurant in Mexico, features 10 ‘stack’ sandwiches that include ingredients like smoked beef, crispy chicken , pork belly, and pulled pork. They also sell classic items like curly fries and jamocha shakes which combine coffee and chocolate flavors.

Cinnabon – Cinnabon offers different options to franchisees. Their treats are almost always found in malls. There are two types of bakery that Cinnabon offers, a Full bakery and an Express bakery. In the USA, there are 938 franchised Cinnabon locations and they are keen to expand into colleges, airports, and street-side locations. They started their first drive-through in Cairo, Egypt. They are known for their bakery designs which were created to maximize return on investment.

Signarama – Signarama has set up business in more than 20 countries. Signarama is an industry leader when it comes to printing. It is an established brand with more than 700 locations around the world. They offer a comprehensive strategy to open new locations and the range of services and products offered by the brand makes it easy to customize it to meet the needs of different markets and cultures. The pandemic saw the company launch a new product category, in safety space and PPE. Franchisees all over the world were given training on how to convert sign-making equipment to create sneeze guards, intubation boxes, and face shields. Franchisees are given guidance on how to become a new business owner and are given help on different matters such as lease negotiation, site selection, and financing options. 

Re/Max – Re/Max does business in 110 countries around the world. In spite of the pandemic, the company has continued to grow and has made its presence felt in countries like Moldova, Qatar, Bonaire, and St. Lucia. The company has more than 130,000 agents across the world. Their business system is a great fit for motivated real estate agents all over the world. During the pandemic, the company offered recruiting events and virtual conferences. They also offered business coaching to help franchisees across the world. The Re/Max owners in South Africa have also petitioned successfully so that real estate is recognized as an essential business.

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