Top PR Campaigns So Far in 2022

Companies that want to improve their PR efforts can learn a great deal from some of the most successful promotional efforts from popular brands all over the world.


The popular actress Rose Ayling Ellis collaborated with Mattel, the company behind the famous Barbie dolls, to create the very first Barbie doll that has hearing aids behind her ears. The brand new line of Barbie dolls from Mattel is the most diverse one so far, and it also includes Barbie dolls with a prosthetic limb, in a wheelchair, as well as a Ken doll with vitiligo. According to the actress who has been deaf since birth, she used to draw hearing aids on her dolls when she was young so she could make them look more like her. This new collaboration between her and the doll brand is a big step forward in disability representation in the world, and it’s a great way for kids all over the world to start seeing themselves in the toys that they are playing with. 

Burt’s Bees

One of the top promotional campaigns this year came from the skincare company Burt’s Bees which figured out how to target its website visitors that were about to leave the website. The company decided to create a popup that would give any people leaving the website a discount, in exchange for their contact information such as their phone number or their email address. It also promised that the website visitors would continue to receive great deals by subscribing to the company, and the brand only gave them two fields that they needed to fill out, which isn’t intrusive and doesn’t take more than a minute out of their day. This strategy was a great way for the brand to ensure that website visitors wouldn’t have a disruptive experience while browsing the website because they only saw the pop-up when they decided to close the window.


Social media platforms have a big impact on the way that people view and portray themselves, and that’s precisely what Dove decided to highlight with its campaign titled #TheSelfieTalk. Because of the hundreds of different filters that are available to users on each social media platform, as well as the general societal idea of what women need to look like, the women around the world have been influenced to want to change their appearance themselves. However, the personal care brand decided to take a stand against this type of negative and even false perception that people have of themselves created by social media platforms with a campaign that featured a girl trying to take a selfie and edit and change her appearance in accordance to what she’s learned from the society around her, but in reverse. However, the video ad itself ended with her natural face and a statement from the brand regarding how self-esteem has been impacted by the false images presented on social media platforms.

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