Brand Journey, Marketing & Communications Strategies, website updates

Closing Date: January 9, 4:00 pm MST

Town of Norman Wells

P.O. Box 5 3 Mackenzie Drive

Norman Wells, NT X0E 0V0

Attention: Carl Ceder, Economic Development Tourism Officer

Project Objectives

  • To create a Brand that works for and represents the character of Norman Wells now and in the future. The creation of the brand should focus on engagement with stakeholders of the town such as residents, business owners, Mayor &Council and Administration etc.
  • The purpose of the new brand must be to attract and retain residents, investments, and tourists.
  • To create Marketing and Communications strategies that will assist the Town of Norman Wells in future marketing and communications campaigns.
  • To create a new Community profile.
  • To update the Towns website with the newly created brand, communication, and marketing.
  • Project Deliverables
  • Proponents are asked to submit proposals for services outlining their approach to the project and provide a detailed scope of work leading to the following deliverables:
  • Research, Consultation and Engagement – The proponents will complete community consultation and engagement along with research to evaluate the current state of the brand, marketing, and communications efforts. The proponent will evaluate and assess the town of Norman Wells efforts and suggest new ways to do marketing and communications.
  • Conduct research to determine trends in marketing and communications as well as brand development.
  • Engage and consult with stakeholders through innovative consultation and engagement methods to ensure buy-in from the community.
  • SWOT, and GAP analysis – Completion of brand, marketing and communications SWOT and GAP analysis.
  • Identify unique branding opportunities that would assist in a brand creation and place making efforts.
  • Identify gaps, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in branding, marketing, and communications.

• Town of Norman Wells Brand presentation – Conduct a presentation of the brand to Town Council.

• Town of Norman Wells Marketing and Communication presentation – Conduct a presentation of the marketing and communication strategies to Town Council.

• Delivery of a Brand Guide – the creation of a comprehensive brand guide/corporate style guide that explains how we go there and what Norman Wells is about and what is making us unique as well as a unified brand approach for the town that will assist in building pride in community and sense of community. Including but not limited to:

  • Creation of a new logo.
  • Spatial design.
  • Templates (both online and print).
  • Action plan / road map.
  • Deliver of a Marketing and Communications Strategies – the creation of a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy.
  • including but not limited to outlining and policy creations for:
  • ▪ Emergency Communications.
  • ▪ Website Communications.
  • ▪ Social Media Communications.
  • ▪ Printed Communications.
  • ▪ Internal Communications.
  • ▪ External Communications communication.
  • ▪ Public engagement.
  • ▪ Brand.
  • Communication samples and ideas could for example be in contact on municipal services and the value of municipal services etc.
  • Create wording and sentences that aligns with the newly created brand.
  • How to facilitate the flow of information.
  • Ensure the brand and strategic plans has an environmental and sustainable core along with a focus on equity and inclusion.
  • Creation of new marketing material such as a new Community Profile.
  • Estimated budgetary capital needed to activate steps of the brand and communications and marketing strategies.
  • Update and modernize the current website to align the newly created brand, marketing, and communication strategies.

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