TOWNSHIP OF EAST ORANGE Request for Quotation of Services: Social Media and Marketing Coordinator

DEADLINE: 11:00 AM Friday, March 31, 2023:


The Township of West Orange (the “Township”) requires the services of a professional social media

and marketing coordinator to continue managing the Township’s social media outreach and

marketing campaigns and maintain and administer to same on a day-to-day basis. This will be part

time, Independent Contractor position and not employer/employee or principal/agent. The manner

and means of performing all services shall be subject to the Public Information Officer’s sole

control unless specified by the Township.

Contract is based on a 12-month contract with an optional to extend an additional 12 months for a

maximum of 24 months. Your quote should be based on an annual amount which would be paid in

equal monthly installments. Factors for consideration are based on but not limited to experience,

availability, cost, and technical expertise. Please provide samples of work provided other clients

and references.

Responsibilities of social media and Marketing Coordinator (the Consultant”) shall include, but not

limited to the following:

1.1 Performance of Services

The coordinator will represent the Township during the term of the contract and will advise and

assist the Township as its exclusive marketing and social media consultant. During the Term, the

Township shall not engage in any agreement with any third party as consultant for the Services

outlined herein, (as defined below) without the prior written consent of the consultant. The

Consultant’s duties and responsibilities shall be outlined in Section 1.2 below (collectively, the

“Services”). The consultant shall be available on call 24/7 to authorized Township Officials in critical


1.2 Social Media Services

Ongoing maintenance and administration of social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

and YouTube) which includes 24-hour monitoring of profiles, daily postings and interactions (both

directed by the Township and organically based on preset parameters), ongoing graphic creation

and trafficking of inquiries to proper town representatives.

Ongoing maintenance and administration of West Orange Jitney Facebook group and text alert service.

Work with Township representatives to create digital/physical outreach campaign, memos,

signage, etc. encouraging local businesses to engage with the Township’s social media properties. and to connect with other businesses in the Township’s social ecosystem.

  1. Marketing Services
  • Create and launch marketing/advertising outreach campaign highlighting diversity of the Township residents (i.e. “This is West Orange”).
  • Increase awareness and adoption of Shop West Orange program. Promote existing local businesses, working with committees to bring new businesses to the Township.
  • Creation of additional digital/physical West Orange infographics identifying specific locations, attractions, and more to be used in all outreach and press efforts.
  • Creation of additional video assets as needed or desired for marketing campaigns and initiations.
  • Bridge gap between Township and Board of Education to rally community behind public school

initiatives, sports and events.

Continue working with local realtors to educate and entice potential residents to make West

Orange their home, raise their families, start businesses, and become active in the community.

Expansion of “Tax Facts” program (launched in 2014) to continue providing education

regarding municipal taxes to Township residents.

Lead group that will create, market, and distribute products that will foster pride and a sense of community within the Township.

1.4 Compensation

Township will pay consultant a total annual amount paid in 12 equal monthly installments. The

consultant shall issue monthly invoices to the Township within 10 days of the close of the calendar month. The Township shall remit payment in accordance with the terms of the invoice, or within 30

days of receipt of the invoice from the consultant.

1.5 Expenses

The Township agrees to reimburse the Consultant for all reasonable and documented out of pocket expenses incurred in carrying out the terms of the contract. Out-of-pocket expenses may

include but are not limited to travel, meals, lodging, postage, printing, secretarial and similar

administrative or operating expenses. The aggregate of all costs and expenses for the calendar year

will not exceed $250.00 without the Township’s written consent.

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